What is Feverfew- Medicinal Properties Discussed

What is Feverfew

Feverfew has currently been used for over 2000 years. The medicinal plant is considered to be a powerhouse. Feverfew helps reduce the frequency, and severity of debilitating headaches known as migraines.

Feverfew Science

With more than 40 compounds found in feverfew, this is why the plant is considered a powerhouse. One of the more notable compounds in this plant is parthenolide. For instance parthenolide, shown to ease smooth muscle spasms, and prevent the constriction of blood vessels in the brain which is one of the leading causes of migraine headaches. In addition, Studies have shown that this medicinal plant fights migraines, offers anti inflammatory properties, and anti cancer properties.

A freeze dried formulation of 50-100mg daily typically equates to a standardized dose of 0.2-0.35% parthenolide content.

Freeze dried formulation is blended with riboflavin (vitamin B2), and magnesium. The 3 compounds are proven to reduce migraine frequency.

Obtaining and Use of Feverfew

Considered a perennial, and will return to your garden or yard year after year. This medicinal plant provides a profusion of flowers with minimal attention needed. We consider flowering plant to be one of the more simple medicinal plants to grow in your garden or yard.

Local health food stores offer feverfew supplements in a wide range of products. For this reason, we recommend growing your own to save money.

Fresh Leaf

The most traditional treatment used for example -2 fresh leaves chewed daily to ward off migraines. Warning The fresh leaf can cause mouth ulcers. Because of this, we advice to be careful when using the fresh leafs.


Standard dosage is 50-250mg daily. Recommendation is to not exceed 4mg of pathenolide per day. In fact the capsules are to be ingested only after a meal, or with a glass of milk.


Equally important, clinical trials show to be safe, and well tolerated. Furthermore, stop use if you are experiencing mouth ulcers, or any other negative side effects associated with the plant.

Common Names For Feverfew

In fact, here is the long list of common names associated with the medicinal plant.

  • Feverfew
  • Featherfew
  • Santa maria
  • Midsummer daisy
  • Federfoy
  • Flirtwort
  • Wild chamomile
  • Chamomile grande
  • Feather Fully
  • Flirtroot
  • Mutterkraut
  • Vetter-voo
  • Wild quinine
  • Altamisa
  • Nosebleed
  • Featherfoil
  • Bachelor’s Button

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