7 Plants That Will Repel Unwanted Insects

7 plants that repel mosquitoes and other unwanted insects

Isn’t it annoying when uninvited insects ruin your backyard party? When you just cannot enjoy staying outdoors because of mosquitoes or ants. What’s worse is if they follow you inside the safe space of your home. Yup, these little pesky things can annoy you to the end of the world, until you douse yourself with giant amounts of insecticide. But wait…who said that’s the only solution? If you plan and sow insect repellent plants strategically in your backyard then you can get rid of most of the bugs, and enjoy your next party. The following plants contain oil and compounds which are a natural bug and insect repellent, so that you can enjoy the outdoors without covering yourself with insect repellent spray:


You can use Basil herb to bid farewell to mosquitoes and flies. It contains an oil which kills mosquito eggs. Therefore, you can install it near you windows, doors or patio and enjoy the breeze without the company of mosquitos and flies.


We all love Lavender, its aroma is pleasant and lovely. It has been used for centuries for its amazing fragrance. But an interesting fact that you probably were not aware of is, that mosquitos absolutely hate the stench of Lavender. This is a win-win situation, because while your house will smell good with it, it will also serve the purpose of repelling bugs from roaming around your space.


Rosemary is easily accessible and available at various nurseries. Hence, can conveniently be installed in your garden or placed in a pot in your patio. Rosemary not only aids in repelling mosquitos, but also protects other plants from being infested by other harmful insects.


Mint is known for its rapid growth and spreads like crazy, which is why it is suitable to grow it in pots rather than in an open garden. This plant has many benefits, one of which is that it is a very effective mosquito repellent.


Many commercial insect repellent sprays contain Pyrethrum, which is extracted from the flower Chrysanthemums. Pyrethrum can kill flying insects such as beetles, mosquitos, roaches, silverfish, ants, ticks, lice, spiders and bedbugs.


Lemongrass herb needs a lot of sunlight, so the best season to plant it in your garden is summer. It contains an oil named, Citronella. The smell of which keeps mosquitos at bay. Making your environment mosquito free.

Pitcher Plants

Pitcher Plants belong to one of the largest bunch of carnivorous plants. They do not keep the insects at bay. They lure insects via their fragrance and color, inviting them inside their pitcher, in order to ingest them. Pitcher plants grows in areas which are sunny and moist. So planting them in pots with sufficient water is recommended. Ants, flies, wasps, bees, slugs and snails are some the insects that have been a prey of its trap.



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