Manuka Honey- Is it as Good as They Say it is?

Manuka Honey
Honeybee collecting pollen for the hive

Manuka honey is all the rage in Hollywood and beyond. Reality queen Kourtney Kardashian is a devoted manuka honey user. The mother of three who recently turned 40 had been using the honey for several years and publicly talked about it’s benefits. She was such a devoted user of it, that big wigs at ‘Manuka Doctor Skincare’ appointed her a brand ambassador. Kourtney says that after she had her oldest child, son Mason she did a complete 180 on how she addresses heath. The reality star part of the juggernaut Kardashian-Jenner clan, says she was looking for products that were completely natural. She also shunned traditional western medicine, when she made a promise to herself to live a cleaner lifestyle.

Hollywood and Manuka Honey

Kourtney says as she was in her quest to find the healthiest products for herself and her family to use, she discovered Manuka honey. Manuka honey was first cultivated in New Zealand. Bees who pollinate a flower called ‘Leptospermum’ which is sometimes called a Manuka bush. Locals who first started using it, quickly started to take notice of other properties the honey had, besides being very tasty. Kourtney eats it daily by the ‘spoonful, not only does it taste great, it can be used to keep the germs at bay.’ She gives it to her kids whenever she thinks a cold or ailment is coming on.

Kardashian also uses Manuka honey in her daily beauty regiment. She believes in using natural products for cosmetic reasons as well as internal issues. Kourtney uses the honey as a skin and hair conditioner. She mixes the honey with avocados and coconut oil. Kardashian says that the mixture works much better than other product on the market. She also adds honey to her tea and smoothies. There have been several studies done to actually evaluate the medicinal benefits of Manuka honey. It has been shown to having a healing agent in it that can actually cure stomach ulcers. It has a bacteria fighting agent in it called, ‘methyl-glyoxal (MGO), which has proven to be a health booster, and something that can improve the immune system.

Doctors and Manuka Honey

Dr. Oz, a noted heart surgeon, also has a daily talk show, recently addressed the health benefits of Manuka honey. The doctor and father of four, regularly addresses the over use of antibiotics. He has warned that taking antibiotics too much, makes the body build up an immunity to them, and therefore they become ineffective. He urges his patients and his legions to fans to seek out natural alternatives to fight common infections. Oz advised people to get honey and keep it a medicine cabinet, so when a common aliment strikes, you’re ready to treat it naturally. The honey can be applied topically to treat cuts or other types of wounds on the skin. After it’s applied, the area should be wrapped up and repeated three times a day. It’s four times more nutrient dense than other types of honey.




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