A Remedy For Plant Lice On Roses

Plant lice

Gardeners Trying To Seek Relief From Plant Lice On Their Roses

Gardening aficionados far and wide are seeking remedies for getting rid of aphids on their prized roses.
Aphids which are also commonly referred to as ‘plant lice’ can pose an annoying and deadly consequence to roses. There are some less harmful organic remedies for getting rid of plant lice on roses that people are turning to. It’s important to try to get rid of them as soon as they are noticed.

The aphids feed on the sap of the rose plants, killing them very quickly. A few organic remedies are said to be extremely effective. Some people have come up with a rather ingenious way of getting rid of plant lice. They are acquiring Ladybugs, that’s right those red and black bugs that are supposed to bring good luck. Ladybugs actually enjoy feeding on the aphids, thus they can get rid of them very fast. If one is not able to attract them, which can be difficult to do. They are available for sale at various nurseries. Just tragically place on the rose bushes, a noticeable decline of aphids will be noticed immediately.

Tried & True Diatomaceous Earth Works Wonders For Alleviating Plant Lice

Try food grade Diatomaceous Earth which is a natural powder that has been around for centuries. Use the power sparingly, as it’s very powerful, and ‘less is more.’ It’s recommended that the powder should be spread around the base of the rose bushes, and on the back side of leaves, in order for it to be most effective. Another natural remedy that people are turning to rid their rose bushes of aphids is a white oil concoction. It’s a very simple recipe, that involves mixing vegetable oil with and a half cup of soap.

Liquid soap can be used, or laundry detergent, just mix the vegetable oil with the soup in a container and shake it very well before using. White oil is routinely used for getting rid of many types of insects. It works on ridding rose bushes of aphids by blocking the pores of the aphids, making it impossible to breath. It can also be used on the base of the rose bushes, and very lightly sprinkled on the bushes.

Simple Organic Dish Soap Can Get Rid Of Plant Lice

Yes just good old dish soap can work wonders on getting rid of plant lice. It’s very important to use organic soap first and foremost, since it must be sprayed directly on the rose bushes. A spray bottle is what’s needed, with a mixture of the dish soap and water. It’s 3 parts water and one parts soap mixed very thoroughly, and sprayed directly on the roses. With this method it’s important to use organic soup and not any type of detergent. The mixture can kill the roses if the proportions are too concentrated, it’s very important to measure the soap and water properly. The same issue goes for the white oil mixture, measure it out properly before using.



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