Homeless Situation in L.A. Typhus Now Spreading

homeless situation in LA spreads Typhus

The Homeless Population In Los Angeles Is At A Crisis Level

Southern California has some of the priciest real estate in the world. Some of the richest people on the face of the earth call LA and surrounding areas home. Those facts in part are blamed on the current exploding homeless population in LA and other cities in the state.

No one knows the real numbers of the homeless population, it’s estimated to be between 80,000 to over 300,000 thousand in LA county alone. There could be millions of people state wide that are homeless say homeless advocates. There have been rats and other rodents seen running through the halls of City Hall in Los Angeles. Those creatures bring severally ghastly diseases including Typhus. It’s hard to get an accurate count of the number of homeless people, simply because well they are homeless. They don’t usually make themselves available to any county officials.

Drug Addicts, The Chronically Mentally Ill & The Working Poor Are Living On The Streets Of LA

Many people living on the streets of LA and Southern California have monthly checks coming in. The sources of those checks are social security, disabled veteran pay, social security disability, and even paychecks from jobs. Those checks are not even to secure housing in the ‘Golden’ state, home to the 5rh largest economy in the world.

There are shelters scattered around the state, the homeless will say they prefer the streets. The streets many say are ‘safer’ and have far less rules. They can do their drugs in peace on the streets, and ‘they don’t have to deal with rules. Many of the homeless on the streets are drug addicts, some are chronically mentally ill. There are many that are classified as ‘the working poor’, people that go to work every day. They work every day, but still can’t afford housing, where the average price of an apartment is sky high. The average monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment in a troubled area is $2000.00.

Dr. Drew Pinksy Warns Of Diseases Like The Bubonic Plague Could Effect Everyone

High profile addiction specialist and medical doctor Dr. Drew Pinksy is warning anyone that will listen about impending diseases. Pinsky appeared on ‘The Brian Kilmead Show’, Pinksy said, “I live in the great state of California, the Utopia that is California, and it’s a nightmare. I want to give you a prediction here.

There will be a major infectious disease epidemic this summer in Los Angeles.

We have tens and tens of thousands of people living in tents. Horrible conditions, rats have taken over the city. We are the only city in the country, without a rodent control program. Multiple rodent borne flea borne illnesses, typhus, tuberculous, if measles strike oh my god. The politicians have zero care or empathy for the problems. I feel like I’m on a train track, waving at the train as it goes off the bridge. The lack of diligence by politicians is reckless negligence, and we have to go after them.”




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