Vegan Advocates Lodge Lawsuit Over Vegan Bacon Labeling In Mississippi


Vegan Producers Say The Entire State Of Mississippi Is Liable For Free Speech Violation

A federal lawsuit was filed on Monday by producers of Vegan products, against the Mississippi for violation of ‘free speech.’ Mississippi Republican Governor Phil Bryant is one of the two named defendants in the lawsuit. The other named defendant is Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner Republican Andy Gispin.

The suit was brought about by the ‘Plant Based Food Association’ and the Vegan food maker, ‘Upton’s Natural Company’ out of Illinois. The food company makes a wide assortment of Vegan food products. Some of the items are, Vegan meatballs, Vegan bacon and Vegan crumbles. The products are sold nation-wide, and is one of the leading plant based food companies.

Mississippi Enacted A New Law That Restricts Plant Based Foods As Calling Their Products Meat

July 1, means a lot of new laws take effect, one of those laws is the one passed in Mississippi regarding food labels. It says ‘a plant based or insect based food product shall not be labeled as meat or meat product.’ The lawsuit filed against Mississippi is supported by, ‘The Institute Of Justice’ which supports free markets. The group says this type of labeling food ban, just makes people confused in areas where they weren’t confused before.’ There was another lawsuit of this type filed last year by Oregon based Vegan foods ‘company Torfurky Co.’ That lawsuit was filed in Missouri, where it became a misdemeanor to put meat labels on vegan food products. Plant based food products along with CBD products are the fastest growing industries in the United States.

Beef Poultry Pork & Lamb Producers Are Trying To Protect Their Brand Against Plant Based Food

Beef, poultry, pork and lamb producers, are trying everything to protect themselves against their direct competition. Plant based products come up with new products weekly that look, smell and taste like meat. The competition is gaining new customers at an accelerated rate, as people become more and more enlightened about healthy eating. ‘The Good Food Institute’ which monitors food related issues, says 12 states have similar laws in place.

The GFI says such laws are a violation and promotes ‘meat label censorship.’ A very stringent type of law was signed by Democratic Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. The Louisiana law which goes into effect in October of 2020 addresses rice, sugar and vegetable products. It says no rice sugar alternatives can be called sugar or rise. No planted based or vegetable products can be called ‘meat’. One key person instrumental in passing the Mississippi law was Republican Billy Hudson of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Hudson is the chairman of the Mississippi Senate Agriculture Committee.

Hudson claims that the motive behind the law, is to protect consumers from being mislead. Furthermore, he believes people were buying products thinking they were meat, due to the misleading labels. Hudson said on Monday, ‘when some of these products are side by side, they look exactly the same..In conclusion, It’s easy to see how people could buying the wrong products because of the labels.’



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