Alaska Facing Record Setting Heatwave

Alaska heatwave
Workers battle to control wildfires as Alaska heatwave continues

Alaska- Scientists Warn This Is Climate Change As Anchorage Hits 90 Degrees For The First Time Ever

Native Alaskans are dealing with hotter weather than they have ever been exposed to before. Anchorage, Alaska hit 90 degrees on July 4th, which was 5 degrees over the previous record. There is a heat dome that has settled over the area, and will make temperatures around 20 degrees higher than the norm. The old record of 85 degrees occurred on June 14, 1969 at the Anchorage Alaska Airport.

NBC News Meteorologist Bill Karins said this intense heat in Alaska is ‘unprecedented.’ There have been three other cities in Alaska that have also set records. The National Weather Service, said ‘a plethora of unheard of hit is occurring daily’ in Alaska. King Solomon and Kenai, Alaska have reached record temperatures with 89 degrees. The prior record for Kenai was 87 degrees in June of 1953 and June 18, 1903. Palmer, Alaska also reached 88 degrees which tied the previous record on May 24, 2011.

Alaska Battles Wild Fires As Record Heat Rages On

Alaska officials are warning residents of an air advisory as they continue to battle dense wild fires. Areas affected by the fires are the Kenai Peninsula, which includes Kenai, Soldotna, Cooper Landing and Homer. The National Weather service has advised that the visibility in the affected areas are reduced to a quarter of a mile or less. The conditions are expected to worsen over the next 48 hours officials warned.

The intense heat is not helping to control these fires, and the high temperatures are expected to remain in place. This June 2019, has been a record dry month for Alaska, which is also fueling the fires. Rick Thoman a climatologist from Fairbanks, Alaska says everyone should get used to these extreme weather events. Thoman said that these extreme weather events will happen with routine regularity due to the ‘warming world’ we’re living in now.

High Air Temperatures In The Last Five Years Has Created The Disintegration of The Arctic Ice

The group ThinkProgress which monitors extreme weather due to global warming. Provided a chilling warming about the Arctic Ice melting and that being a strong indicator of the negative things to come. People that are motioning weather events due global warming are saying that the melting Arctic Ice, is fueling the global warming even quicker. The melting ice is causing the carbon rich Arctic permafrost to also disintegrate.

The permafrost melting which is also lending to the global warming issues experts warn. In fact, scientists routinely warn that the continued permafrost melting around the world is leading to the continued release of heat trapping methane and carbon dioxide. A report by Nature Communications released data from research they had performed. Furthermore, In the report said that Arctic and Antarctic Mountains have warmed a half degree between 2007 to 2016 alone. However world wide the most temperature rise has occurred in Siberian Arctic where the temperature is 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit.




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