Garden Covers- Logic and Understanding

garden covers

A Garden Cover A Day Can Keep The Pests Away

Some avid gardeners have long been looking for ways to keep their gardens free of pests, without resorting to toxic materials. Gardeners that have been using them for decades, usually do so when temptresses are freezing or below. More and more garden aficionados are turning to garden covers, which are made of sturdy fabric.

People looking for effective ways to keep pests at bay are looking into garden covers. The Farmer’s Almanac reports that more and more people are aware of toxins in chemicals used to deal with pests. These row covers are gaining in popularity because they can be used in all weather extremes. Including cold weather, to keep pests away, and even too much hot sun.

Garden Covers Can Keep A Variety of Insects Out Of Gardens

A few of the known pests these garden rows or covers can keep out of the garden are, cabbage worms. Gardeners are also reporting that, potatoes beetles,carrot flies, vine borers, and Japanese beetles. The covers are work extremely well at still being able to deliver light to plants, without generating heat build up. The covers will allow 32% to 92% of sunlight to filter through to the plants. The varying amounts of sunlight, depends on the thickness of the cover selected.

These covers are available in different thicknesses. Obviously the heavier the fabric that is used, less amount of light will be able to penetrate the plants. It’s recommended that when the covers are not being used, to store them in a dry place. They must be kept away from areas where mice congregate, so they don’t make a nest in the covers. If the covers are stored properly, they can be reused for several seasons.

Sturdy Row Covers Can Save Plants During Frosty Weather

Experts in frost prevention say that row covers can save plants from frost. The key say experts is to find covers that are extremely thick. The row covers designed for frost prevention would be labeled as ‘heavyweight row covers.’ The basic premise of the covers is that while they allow less sunlight heat to get in, they trap heat. By doing this, the temperature underneath the cover can be raised by about 5 degrees. Which often times is enough of difference between life or death for delicate plants.

A Gardner must be mindful of the outside temperature change. The heavier covers must be promptly removed when the temperature rises. Otherwise the plants can easily become over cooked and die out. Lighter weight garden covers, work the best for keeping insects out of the garden. These covers will still allow about 90% of sunlight in, while not over heating. For the prevention of insects permeate lettuce, make sure the covers are paced early enough in the planing season. They are very effective at keeping flying insects at bay as well. The covers are not as effective in dealing with pests that are in the ground and work up.




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