Bats- Can Pollinate Just as Much as Bees, and They Eat Thousands of Mosquitoes


Bats often don’t conjure up the most positive of images, the mere word can make people squirm. People think of diseases, and rodents flying about. However those are the many falsehoods centering around bats. Contrary to what some think bats aren’t rodents for the record. If the thought of a bat house in your backyard never occurred to you, you many want to rethink that possibility.

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that bats like bees are pollinators. These creatures are an asset to the environment for many reasons. Bats are active as soon as darkness hits, they are nocturnal creatures. Bats feed off of nectar found in plants, and can get rid of a lot of bugs and pollen in just one evening. Many fruits and plants depend on the pollination process that bats provide. Some of those fruits are of the tropical persuasion like bananas, mango, and guavas. Another very important factoid concerning these creatures is that they pollinate the agave plant. That is the only pollination the agave plant receives are from bats. The agave plant is a necessary ingredient in the making of tequila.

Provide Many Necessary Functions To The Environment

Bats are very helpful with keeping all different types of home gardens vibrant and strong. Bats are especially helpful in the preservation and health of vegetable gardens. People who live in dry desert climates, will have the best success with bats pollinating plants. They are routinely seen pollinating plants in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas from March to May.

Bat droppings are extremely important to the world wide ecosystem. Bat droppings are called, ‘Guano’, and as far as fertilizers go, it’s far superior to other like fertilizers. The components of bat Guano are the perfect mixture to make plants grow and flourish. The Guano is comprised of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in almost a perfect equation that plants need to grow. Bat Guano has an extremely high concentration of living organisms in it. Bat Guano also has good bacteria and fungi, necessary in combating certain issues that disturb plant growth.

Bats Can Deliver Needed Elements For Healthy Gardens & They Are Good Factors For Earth Health

The bat Guano also has components that can destroy nematode worms, which are very problematic for a healthy garden. The Guano is really a natural wonder that has so many positive attributes to the ecosystem. According to ‘Bat Conservation International‘ (BCI) Guano helps in the distribution of seeds. This helps to replenish natural vegetation that has suffered due to man made issues.

According to data released by BCI, over 95 percent of all new growth in these areas is a direct result of these small creatures. Bats can substantially combat mosquitoes and other bugs year round but especially during the spring and summer. The often annoying buzzing sound that mosquitoes make, attracts bats to them. Furthermore, the creatures have an amazing ability to consume mosquitoes with a voracious speed. In fact on a good night one can consume more than 1200 mosquitoes in one hour.


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