Horrendous Scene Unfolds Along The Coastline

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Fourth Great White Shark Dies In A Grisly Manner In South Africa

Something right out of the movie ‘Jaws’ is occurring with more regularity all across the globe. Shark attacks against humans are on the rise, especially this year. However another phenomenon is occurring too, some great white sharks are meeting rather grisly deaths.

A beautiful serene beach area, ‘Gansbaai Beaches’ in South Africa, has been dealing with Great White Sharks washing a shore dead.

It’s not necessarily the deaths that are causing alarm, but rather the manner in which the deaths are occurring. A fourth great white shark, a man-eater that can weigh between 1500 to 2400 pounds.

The shark washed up dead with a vital organ almost surgically removed. It’s been a baffling occurrence to even the most knowledgeable of shark experts. In two of the other cases, the sharks washed ashore with their hearts removed, with their rest of their bodies intact.

Great White- The Dyer island Conservation Trust Team Of Van Dyks Bay South Africa Is Conducting Research

Leading biologists with the Dyer Island Conservation Trust Team of Van Dyks Bay, SA are charged with investigating the cause of death. The team led by, biologist Alison Towner performed the necropsy on the latest dead shark. The information collected on the most recent shark death was a male that measured almost 14 feet in length.

The group, Marine Dynamics (MD) a conservation group that also runs shark cage diving trips relayed the information via Facebook. MD stated that the shark a male, ‘was found without his liver, testes and stomach.’ The shark carcass according to the group said that it wasn’t dead for more than four or so days.

When the necropsy was performed it bled profusely which indicated that it couldn’t have been dead that long. The MD also stated that the an ample amount of tissue was collected from the shark to perform all proper testing on it. The goal the group indicated was to determine the cause of death.

Dr. Towner Remarked That This Latest Shark Death Was The 4th Death Of Similar Circumstances

Dr. Towner who performed the most recent necropsy called “this the fourth death since May, that can be contributed to Orca predation.’ The Great White Shark by reputation are known as fearless and relentless at times, and have no known predators. There have been issues in the past with Whales, however those instances are extremely rare.

George Burgess the Director of the Shark Attack File at the Museum of Natural History in Florida added commentary. On the subject of the latest disturbing shark occurrences Burgess said, ‘people just think Great Whites are always predators.

That’s just not true, “as hard as it is to say it, Killer Whales are a step above.” Whales are known to be very tricky and adept at seeking out their prey.

Their massive size enables them to always have the upper hand Burgess suggested. They have been known to seek out the livers of other animals, which is rich in nutrients and squalene. Even this though experts say it is rare for an Orca to just remove a liver from their prey.



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