3 Different Shark Attacks in the Same Weekend


Sharks Have Been Out In Force This Summer All Along The East Coast

Smyrna Beach, just got a new nickname, it’s now called, “The Shark Capital Of The World’. It’s not what the merchants of the beach town want to hang their hats on. Three different shark attacks within 48 hours has earned the beach just south of Daytona Beach the name.

On Saturday a man and a woman were both attacked by sharks on Saturday. The woman was attacked first and 30 minutes later a man was attacked in the same general area.

A man was attacked the next day in the same area. The woman has been identified as Emily Comfort,20, was surfing at New Smyrna beach at 3:30 on Saturday. The beach is located on the central east coast of Florida.

Comfort was bitten on her hand, arm and wrist, by one shark. Thirty minutes later a shark attacked another surfer, Riley Petrovich, 21 on his ankle. He was treated at the scene by paramedics. Comfort was taken to a hospital and received hundreds of stitches, and held overnight for observation.

The Third Victim Was Wading In Water Knee High When He Was Attacked

The next attack at the same beach happened on Sunday, to Peter Bourbeau,51, as he stood in the surf. The water came up to his knees when he was attacked Bourbeau told authorities.

It is believed that the shark that attacked the 3rd victim, was not the same shark from the day before. He was only 4 feet in length, while the others were reported to be over ten feet. The exact injuries to Bourbeau are unknown, he refused medical attention.

The University of Florida’s Shark Attack File,(USFSAF) is currently investigating these shark attacks. They have dubbed Smyrna Beach, ‘as the shark capital of the world’. A spokesperson for USFSAF said that there have been several other attacks at the beach, but not that close together.

The Summer Of 2019 Is One Of The Most Active Shark Sighting And Attacks On Record

The summer of 2019, may just go down as the ‘the summer of the sharks.’ there have been dozens of sightings and attacks all along the east coast. There have also been other sightings and attacks on the west coast.

Last month there were 3 shark attacks at Smyrna Beach. Reed Zipperer,18, was attacked by shark at the same beach on July 29th. Zipperer was paddling on a board when a shark bit his hand in three different places. He was taken to a hospital with blood loss and deep wounds to his hand. He had to have over 19 stitches to his hand, he said the injury was extremely painful because the cuts are so deep.

Zipperer lives in Indian Harbor Beach, about 70 miles down the coast from Smyrna Beach. On July 29, William Angell,49, was bit in his right thigh as he was on a boogie board.


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