Senator Chuck Grassley In Agreement With President Trump On China Tariffs


Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley Says President Trump’s Stance On China Is Correct

Grassley says he will not be advising the President to modify his stance on the current issues with trade with China. Grassley attended the Iowa State Farm over the weekend and encountered hundreds of local farmers.

He said, ‘none of the farmers suggested that he should talk to the President about rolling back tariffs. Grassley said, “Farmers know that China has been cheating on international trade ever since they entered the World Trade Organization”.

He added, ‘that Chinese operatives have been stealing Iowa corn, so they can foray into plant genetics.’ President has a new take on why China is stalling on any and all trade negotiations. He recently said that ‘China is stalling on negations, hoping to get ahead of the 2020 elections.

The President thinks they are deliberately stalling in the hopes that a Democrat will be elected. The President believes they are hopeful that a Democrat won’t be as tough on them as he is.

Senator Grassley Attended A Forum On The US Canada Trade Agreement While At The State Fair

Grassley said ‘he wasn’t sure that the President is right about what is in the mind of Chinese officials. He added ‘that he stands behind the President, and so does the majority of the farmers in Iowa’.

Governor Kim Reynolds joined Grassley at the forum, had some questions for the Democratic presidential candidates. Reynolds wants to know where those candidates stand on the United States- Mexico -Canada Agreement, (USMCA).

The Governor said the USMCA, has the very strong possibility of replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement. The agreement Reynolds said would open up all types of new opportunities for the farmers of Iowa. In addition to Grassley, Reynolds appeared at a press conference with Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party.

Jeff Kaufmann Was Highly Critical Of Democratic Proposal Of The Green New Deal

Kaufmann has been an outspoken critic of the ‘Green New Deal’. The deal requires that green house gas emissions be cut to zero within the next ten years.

Kaufmann believes that ‘would be devastating to farmers all over the country.’ Grassley weighed in with, by saying NAFTA now is responsible for 130,000 jobs in Iowa. Which produces 6.6 billion dollars in sales to China.

A farmer from Coming, Iowa was at the forum also weighed in. Ray Gaesser said, “We need to sell what we grow.” Grassley was asked during the forum ‘if farmers can hold up with the trade wars extending past 2020.’ The senator said, “the administration must continue to protect farmers from the damage done by the tariffs”.

Grassley said ‘the president knows what he’s doing, he is dealing with China to get better results for farmers. He will in the end come up with a deal that allows favorable outcomes for American farmers.’ Grassley added despite what Democrats say, the President has been working on World Trade Organization reforms that mostly target China’.



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