How To Pick The Best Plants For A Spectacular Fall Garden

fall garden
Now is the time to start planning your fall garden and cold weather crops

It’s Time To Start Planning Your Fall Garden

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gardener, careful planning will bring in great results for everyone. For the experienced gardener that already have items planted, it’s important to keep growing, to be able to fully utilize the space you have.

When it’s time to harvest your haul, there very well could be gaps. It’s important to fill gaps up with autumn vegetable friendly items. Perhaps, squash, and pumpkin.

The amount of time left for planting a fall garden, depends on one’s location. So check when the first frost is expected in your area, and that will be your guide for what amount of time is left.

You will have to check a frost calendar to determine what crop would be best for your area. Certain crops require more growing time, and are not as suitable for some areas.

Picking The Right Vegetables To Plant For Your Area Is Pivotal For Success

When deciding which plants to choose, make sure you check to see how long a particular plant needs to reach maturity. The information is always available on the seed packets, this along with knowing when your first frost date is essential.

There are three groups of plants that can be chosen, they are divided into ‘soil type’ groups.’ The first group are vegetables that grow in warm soil. These crops can grow surprisingly well in warm soil, if they are properly watered, and kept most. Peas, (the dwarf variety), radishes, kale, leeks, collards and beets. The second group of crops, do best in in cooler soil. Temperatures below 70 degrees would be best. These plants do well if they begin growing indoors, in a shady spot.

Chinese cabbage, lettuces, parsley, spinach, radicchio, spinach can start indoors and move outdoors as long as they are covered. Once they are covered outside, they can be harvested in the spring. As soon as you see a little yellow in the leaves, planting for fall should be well under way. August is a good time to start planting a fall garden.

As Soon As The Soil Cools A Bit The Third Group Of Crops Is Ready for your Fall Garden

The leafy greens are best when planted when the soil cools a bit, early to mid August in most areas. These leafy vegetables are usually a mainstay in pristine fall gardens, because certain crops grow better during different times.

These vegetables are in the third group, turnips, which have both crunchy roots and greens. They are a very versatile vegetable because of this detail. Arugula, which is a Mediterranean herb that is used in cooking. It’s also commonly seen in the salads at five star restaurants.

Cilantro, which is used in so many dishes including, soups, stews, chili topping, oils, pasta salads. Corn salad is also in this group, it has a few names including, lamb’s lettuces, and mache. A winter variety of lettuces is also in this group as well as, mizuna.



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