Trump Wants It Known That Struggling Farmers Will Continue To Receive Aid Indefinitely

Trump vows to help farmers no matter what

President Trump Assures Farmers That He Will Take Care Of Them During Trade Wars

President Trump has made a commitment to U.S. Farmers in need, he said he’s not concerned about the ‘games China is playing.’ He has the backing of the Senate and he will continue with aid to U.S. farmers throughout 2020 and beyond if needed.

In May the Trump Administration in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture revealed a 16 billion dollar aid program. That money is currently being given to farmers, based on the amount of acres each farm has.

Trump considered the Farm Belt an intricate part of his political agenda, and he has been keeping promises made to them. The Washington Post reported on August 1, that several counties in the U.S. have been recipients of Trump’s farm bail out money.

As the tit for tat tariffs with China continue, Trump has assured everyone that this is all part of master plan to get the best deal for U.S. Farmers. Trump said, ‘we must look at the end game, that’s what the focus should be.’

Trump Has Steadfastly Assured Farmers He Has Their Backs And Will Continue To Do So

President Trump tweeted, “As they (China) have learned in the last two years. Our great American Farmers know that China will not be able to hurt them.

In that their President has stood with them and done what no other President would do. And I’ll do it again next year if necessary.” Larry Kudlow, Mr. Trump’s lead economic adviser is in total agreement with President.

Kudlow told reporters in the Rose Garden, ‘that whatever our farmers need, they will have’. He said he stands behind the president, and aid will be given as long as it’s needed. Iowa Farmers have remained very loyal to the President. They believe that although the trade wars right now are not good for them, Trump will make sure they can survive.

‘He’s Doing A Good Job & Trying To Make Sure We Are Treated Fairly’

Kevin Prevo a 5th generation farmer, who owns a 1400 acre Iowa farm, said that the President is doing a great job. Prevo raises cattle, corn, hogs and soybeans. He said the President is making sure that farmers are treated fairly.

Prevo said he’s voting for President Trump in 2020 and he doesn’t know of any farmers that won’t vote for him. The two largest economies in the world are still doing trade wars. The farmers in the U.S. are feeling it, but most of them are okay with it. As long as they feel assured the administration will continue to disperse aid as needed.

On Tuesday the U.S. Revealed that it was delaying some tariffs on China for the time being. Mr. Trump remains hopeful that China will in fact make major agricultural purchases before the end of the year. Trump won the the Farm Belt by 10% in the 2016 presidential race. He is committed to making sure farmers are solid during ongoing negotiations.




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