Swine Flu Continues to Spread

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Swine Flu- The Philippine Agriculture Secretary Is Investigating Recent Pig Deaths

State health officials in the Philippines said on Monday that a crisis team has been formed to investigate the deaths of several pigs. According to officials several pigs have either died or been culled in different ‘backyards’.

A primarily investigation indicates that the African Swine flu has made it’s way to the Philippines. Although until the investigation formally ends the authorities are not calling it Swine flu.

William Dar is the Agriculture Secretary of the Philippines. He as been appointed by the Bureau of Animal Industry to head the investigation. Dar said the agency is conducting laboratory tests on samples from infected pigs. The samplings are also being compared to findings in other countries where the disease has been confirmed.

Dar indicated that he thinks it’s very possible that it is the African Swine Flu that has killed millions of pigs in Asia.

The Pig Deaths In The Philippines Are Of A Grave Concern Globally

Health officials around the world are watching the situation in the Philippines very closely. There are close to 2000 miles between China and the Philippines, and the disease popping up in another country is troubling.

Dar said, “What we can say is that those suspected to have the disease are being culled. Or they are being buried and the area is being disinfected”. Dar appeared at a press conference in Manila on Monday to address the concerns of the disease there.

The Secretary was being evasive, when asked to identify the provinces affected. He also refused to reveal how many pigs have died due to the suspected disease. He said ‘measures are underway to first identity the exact disease that is present’.

Dar told reporters that when the appropriate time comes, the public will be notified with pertinent facts about the case’. A recent report of rising pig deaths have only been reported to Dar on Friday he said. He said he has increased screening measures at all the airports and seaports.

There Are Now Stricter Quarantine Practices In Place In The Philippines

Secretary Dar, told reporters that were assembled that ‘one of the ways to tackle the situation was by quarantine. The measures being taken at the nation’s airports have been stepped up, Dar said.

The animals suspected of any issues are immediately subjected to quarantine. He also stated that any backyard farms and bigger farms where hogs are present are being monitored. He said, “We assure the animal industry stakeholders and the public that we are on top of the situation”.

Dar also pointed out that everything to safeguard the public is being done, and will continue indefinitely’. Over five million hogs have died or been culled due to the African Swine Flu in Asia. The disease is highly contagious among pigs, and some believe other animals. The disease has been confirmed in China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos and North Korea.



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