Suicides On The Rise In Areas Devastated By Flooding

A man sets along the roadside torn by depression following record flooding

The United States continues to get slammed by nature as record flooding, and major weather events occur

Julia Sanger owns an ice cream parlor in a historic section of Elliot City, Maryland. Her shop has been flooded twice in two years, while Maryland was experiencing cataclysmic rain fall.

Sanger said many of her fellow business people and home owners in the area are dealing with terrible hardships. She said many are off seeking therapy on a regular basis now, just to get through their days.

Several shops on historic Main Street in Elliot City have still not bounced back after the second historic flooding. Sanger said ‘one very bad flood is a lot to deal with but two in just two years is too much.’ A few of the stores have been unable to reopen due to the damage.

Other stores are open a few hours a day. Still some stores are forever gone, scheduled to be torn down soon. Sanger disclosed that a lot of friends in the area that own businesses and lost it all are in therapy. She said others desperately need therapy but for whatever reasons did not get it.

Julia Sanger Admits To Drinking A Lot Now, Something She Seldom Did Before The Flooding

Sanger was one of the lucky ones in the area, she only received several feet of mud in her store after both floods. She was able to close the shop and move it to a location that was on higher ground. She said others she knows personally weren’t so lucky, ‘they lost it all, and others didn’t want to risk opening again’.

The extreme weather patterns that were basically unheard of 20 years ago, are now a common occurrence. The death toll immediately after these events is staggering. There are also deaths such as suicides that are occurring with more frequency as a direct result of damages suffered after ‘these extreme weather events.

The American Psychological Association (APA), is taking note of all the psychological torment that is going on after these natural disasters that is not being talked about enough.

Psychologists Are Seeing More Post Traumatic Stress, Suicides, Depression, Drug Addiction Now

The APA says that these mental health issues are not necessarily linked ‘to all of these weather events. However someone in therapy discusses the reasons for their issues. That is where the rise in these mental health issues have been calculated.

Anthony Ng, is the head of a team with the APA studying the effects of climate change disasters and mental health. Ng says, “The problem with the link is it’s not obvious. It’s not like getting stuck by a needle, and you feel pain right away”.

Ng said, ‘a lot of these issues don’t surface immediately, it’s more of a gradual thing. With a lot of people it’s very insidious, and people don’t realize it right away.’ It’s so much harder to address when it’s a gradual thing Ng says. Anthony is hopeful that the work the APA is doing will shed some light on this very immediate medical crisis.



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