Amazon Rain Forest Continues To Burn As Fingers Are Being Pointed

Fires continue to rage on in the Amazon

French President Emmanuel Macron Urges The World To Help Extinguish Amazon Fires

Twenty Percent of the World’s oxygen is currently on fire in the Amazon Rain forest of Brazil. President Macron of France urged his millions of followers on ‘Twitter’ to ban together and fight the fires raging on.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro warned Macron to stay out of the conversation. The European Union called the forest fire and the overall situation ‘the word’s lungs and life support system’. The fires in the Amazon have been burning for two weeks straight, it’s estimated that over 2500 fires are currently burning there.

The Amazon Rainforest is home to over a million indigenous people and 3 million species of animals. This year there have been over 74,000 fires in the Amazon, and the situation is being ‘critical’ by environmentalists around the world. Many people are laying the blame directly on President Bolsonaro, who urged loggers to ‘clear the forest’, shortly after he took office

The Amazon Rain forest Is the Largest One In The World

Environmentalists agree that the Amazon Rain forest’s security and longevity is vital to keeping climate warming at bay. Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio said, ‘prayers are not enough this time’.

The actor said, ‘if we don’t all do our parts, we are going to have a huge problem on our hands.’ Many other celebrities are weighing on the fires too. Kris Jenner, matriarch of the Jenner Kardashian clan said ‚ÄúThis is devastating! To human lives, to plants and animals and to our planet”.

The National Institute of Brazil said the latest count is 47,155 active fires in the Amazon currently. They pointed out that that’s an 87% increase from last year.

President Bolsonaro admitted this week that he believes farmers may have intentionally set fires to clear the land. Far more alarming is that Bolsonaro said on Thursday, Brazil ‘does not have the resources to fight the fires’. Bolsonaro accused Macron of using the fires for his personal political gains.

President Bolsonaro Says Macron Wants The Fires To Be Discussed At The G7 Summit

Another bone of contention for Bolsonaro is Macron asking that the Amazon fires be discussed at the G7 Summit. Bolsonaro said Macron’s calls to discuss Amazon at the G7 Summit ‘misplaces colonialist mindset’.

Bolsonaro repeated that Macron is using the fires for his political gain and added Brazil is not part of the G7 Summit. Reuters and other news agencies are reporting that Bolsonaro gave farmers the green light to set the fires in the Amazon.

The President has said in the past the forest should be used ‘to bolster the Brazilian economy. There was a day that Bolsonaro declared as ‘Fire Day’, and he asked farmers to show their willingness to work.

The president has denied all claims that he told the farmers to set the fires. He also said with the size of the Amazon it’s almost impossible to fully police the situation.



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