Startling Revelations After Diving Crew Visit The Titanic Wreckage For First Time In 14 Years


Diving Crew Reveal The Titanic Wreckage Is Being ‘Consumed’ By The Ocean

An amazing part of history is being consumed by the ocean. According to a diving team that made the voyage to one of the most famous ship wrecks in history.

An exploration crew from ‘Triton Submarines‘ made five different dives in eight days. The crew was assisted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, used the Limited Factor Submarine. The Five Star Luxury liner from Britain, the RMS Titanic famously hit an ice berg on it’s solo voyage to New York.

The ship sank within only a few hours, killing 1500 of it’s 2100 passengers and crew members. The Titanic sank into the frigid waters on April 15, 1912, over 107 years ago.

The makers of the ship, said it was ‘unsinkable‘, they were wrong. Many perished because the lifeboats on board left half full, women and children were loaded into the lifeboats first.

Some Of The Wealthiest Men In The World Died In The Titanic Wreckage

The tickets prices at the time, were unattainable for most people in that era. A first class ticket was around $1700 by today’s value, for a simple berth. Luxury parlors that the world’s wealthiest people booked were $50,000 by today’s value.

The wealthiest man on the ship and in the world, to die was John Jacob Astor IV. A German-American, who made his fortune in real estate. He was the great grandson of John Jacob Astor who built the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Astor’s wife Madeline, was able to get on a lifeboat and survive, Astor stayed behind and died at 47. Benjamin Guggenheim, who gained his wealth through the family mining business, also died wearing his evening finery.

Isidor Straus and his wife Ida were the co-owners/founders of Macy’s Department store both perished, Ida refused to leave her husband. Another wealthy business man Thomas Andrews, of Great Britain, was the head architect of the Titanic. Thomas was aboard the ship when it sank, he died at the age of 39.

The Ship Now Is Located Nearly 4000 Meters Below The Surface Of The Ocean

What’s left of the ship now is 4000 meters below the ocean and 370 miles south of Newfoundland, Canada. The water that surrounds the wreckage is 1 degree Celsius on the surface.

Pictures from the latest dive show various oceanic material and other matter, that have gathered on the tip of ship. Some of the difficulty in identifying exactly what is on the wreckage is due to it festering for over 100 years.

Some of the material on the ship was analyzed by researchers, is thought to be from the natural corrosion from the sea salt. The wreckage is also now home to many varieties of sea animals. Victor Vescovo, the chief pilot who took part in this dive, said that he is ‘thrilled that the team was successful for five dives’.

Vescovo says the work the Limiting Factor Submarine was able to do on these dives was extraordinary. He believes the submarine is capable of completing other important missions in the future. Diving crew members laid a wreath on the side of the wreckage to commentate the many lives that were lost.


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