U.S. Corn Fields Showing Some Signs Of Improvement As Summer Nears To An End

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Corn Fields Showing Improvement To Observers On The Pro Farming Tour

Experts in the middle of a crop tour said that corn fields are showing some signs of improvement after the historic rainfall. Participants on the tour gave commentary from west central Iowa on Thursday.

In spite of signs of improvement experts suggest that corn crops will be below average. There has been far less corn planting done this year due to epic rain amounts. Soybeans were also looking like they were improving, the tour participants remarked.

The Pro Farming Tour is winding down, after some drama this past week. Some USDA employees were pulled from the tour, after an employee was threatened by a farmer. One of the tour participants was Jere Solvie,69, a hog farmer from West Central Minnesota.

Solvie said, “I’m impressed, the corn yields continue to rise, it looks like a very nice normal crop year here.” Solvie is a scout on the current tour added, “I wish our crops looked like this, nice, green, and lush”.

Corn Fields Potential In 10 Counties Of Iowa Were At 173 Bushels Per Acre

The current corn yield potential average of 173 bushels per acre is down from last year. Which was 193.55 bushels per acre, however experts say that the current average is not an extremely bad number.

The numbers are stable considering the adverse weather farmers had to deal with in the Spring. The 3 year average of corn yield potential was 185.23 bushels per acre. The tour experts did not estimate the soybean yield potential.

There were calculations produced on the tour of the number of soy pods in a 3 foot by 3 foot square. During the Iowa stops, soybeans averaged 914.04 pods. In fact, the numbers are down from the average last year which was 1175.19 pods.

Another scout on the tour is Dick Overby,85, a retired farmer. He said, ‘the crops have been getting better, there is improvement daily’. He believes it will end up being an average or near normal crop season. Stock analysts and farmers are closely monitoring the Pro Farmer Tour. Corn futures last week dropped after the USDA predicted a larger than normal corn crop.

A Second Leg Of The Pro Farmer Tour Examined Crops In Three Counties In Minnesota.

Scouts also evaluated soybeans in three Minnesota counties, Jackson, Martin and Faribault. In the three stops in Minnesota evaluations revealed that that the average for soybeans is 900.17 pods.

That was down from last year’s average of 1074.45 pods. It was also below the three year average of 1094.65 pods. The corn yields were up slightly in Minnesota to 181.62. Which is up from last year’s average of 171.65.

Scouts will convene in Rochester, Minnesota for the final leg of the tour on Friday. Pro Farmer the farming trade publication that sponsors the highly regarded Pro Farming tour, will assess all the calculations from all four days of the tour. Finally, a rep said the numbers will be crunched and assembled in their crop report, released to the public on Friday.


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