Hurricane Dorian Is Expected To Land With A Big Bang


Dorian : Every County In Florida Is Under A State Of Emergency

Hurricane Dorian has been upgraded to a category three storm, which is a dangerous hurricane. The entire state of Florida is preparing for what could be the most severe hurricane since Andrew thirty years ago. Dorian is currently traveling at 100 mph, it is easily the strongest storm/hurricane of the season.

If Hurricane Dorian makes landfall on Monday as a Category 4 storm as expected, the damages could be horrendous. It could make landfall with 130 mph sustained winds and be the worst since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

This hurricane will be the forth year in a row that hurricanes have battered Florida, the most since the 1940’s. This time the people of Florida don’t seem to be taken any chances. Throughout the state, store shelves are running bare, as residents stock up on emergency supplies. Florida has still not recovered from fully from Hurricane Michael of 2018, it’s going to be a huge financial blow too. Any coastal towns that make money on Labor Day, can just about call it a day now say experts.

Governor Ron DeSantis Declared All 67 Counties Of Florida Under A State Of Emergency

Governor DeSantis, said the state emergency services are doing everything they can to minimize loss of life and damages. He also said, there are 819,000 gallons of water at the ready, and 1.8 million meals now prepared for distribution.

The hurricane whipped through the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, drenching both with torrential rains. The storms moved through those areas on Wednesday, and on Thursday night Dorian was moving towards the Atlantic. On Friday it is still on track for Florida as it’s settled right in the center of the Atlantic.

The warm waters of the Atlantic, are expected to allow the storm to gain substantial strength. Meteorologists are forecasting that Dorian will hit, the Grand Bahama Island on Sunday. Then Dorian is expected to smash into the coasts of Florida or Georgia sometime on Monday. Experts say, they will have a more exact time of hitting Florida on Sunday.

Dorian Is Still 4 Days Out Until It’s Closer It Will Be Hard To Pinpoint Exact Locations

Experts following the storm are saying right now it’s impossible to predict the exact location of it’s impact. The predictions are, it could hit between the Florida Keys to Southeast Georgia.

The areas that will be affected in the U.S. will start to experience winds in excess of 40 mph on Saturday. Ken Graham, the director of the Hurricane Center, said people must get ready right now. Waiting Graham said, has been deadly in the past. We are lucky we have enough time to adequately prepare this time, he told news sources.

Some airlines are offering passengers the opportunity to re-book flights without incurring extra fees. Some of the airlines are Delta, American and Southwest, have announced that they will allow re booking with no extra fees.



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