Woman Killed By Cock In Freak Accident


A 76 Year Old Woman In Australia Met Her Demise When Her Own Rooster Dealt A Deadly Blow

The woman who has not been identified due to the wishes of her family, was on her rural property in the Australia outback. The woman was in the backyard area to gather eggs for her breakfast, something she did everyday. For reasons unknown, her rooster pecked her on her leg several times, one of the pecks hit a varicose vein.

The vein started to hemorrhage uncontrollably, she immediately collapsed and later died. The woman had other ongoing medical issues, including high blood pressure and diabetes. However the medical examiner reported that it was the injury to the woman’s vein that
killed her.

The rooster attack was part of a report by ‘Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology,’ (FSMP). The report studied animal attacks, and what types of smaller animals can cause death to humans.

The Findings Of The FSMP, Small Domestic Animals Including A Rooster Can Cause A Threat To Humans

The report indicates that even small domestic animals can cause deadly bodily harm to humans if vulnerable areas are exposed and attacked. Two facilitators of the report are Professor Roger Byard and Judith Fronczek of The University of Adelaide in Australia.

Byard said that this freak accident shows just how vulnerable the elderly are, especially those that live alone. The professor noted that the elderly more commonly have varicose veins.

These types of veins are extremely susceptible to these type of incidents. Byard called this type of rooster attack ‘extremely rare’, but said smaller animals can in fact be deadly. The professor also advised people with varicose veins to seek treatment for them, and or have them removed.

The report by the FSMP detailed the attack as ‘the rooster appearing quickly and started attacking the woman’s lower leg, with several pecks’. The woman’s body was taken to the coroner’s office for an autopsy. The official cause of death was listed as, ‘exsanguination.’ which means ‘severe loss of blood’. The loss of death was the direct result of the rooster’s non stop pecking.

Any Vein Can Become Twisted And Enlarged And Be Vulnerable To Infections

Most people that get varicose veins are most concerned about cosmetic issues, but there are other serious issues to consider. Some symptoms that people experience from varicose veins are throbbing pain, burning, cramping, and itching.

People can experience intense pain when standing or sitting for long periods of time. The area of the varicose vein can become discolored, often they are a purple color. Still other people can experience ulcers and blood clots. There are treatments in place for varicose veins, and doctors recommend treating them.

Wearing compression socks and stockings, can reduce the pain, and help with preventing the veins from getting larger. Professor Byard, noted that since the woman had other ongoing health issues, the varicose veins could have been the result of her other aliments. Varicose veins can be a symptom of something else that is very serious.


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