6 Confirmed Deaths Linked to Vaping


Center For Disease Control Urges Americans To Stop Vaping As The Death Toll Rises

The CDC is warning people to stop using e-cigarette products, as they continue to investigate the cause of ‘Vape lung’. There have been six confirmed deaths directly attributed to the use of these products. There have been close to 500 cases of pulmonary lung disease also attributed to the use of these products.

The CDC warns that until a cause is found, people should refrain from using these products. The CDC went even further by calling the deaths and lung disease, ‘ a national health crisis’. Dana Delman, an incident manager of the CDC, addressed the issue on Saturday in Atlanta at the CDC headquarters.

Delman said, ‘in addition to the CDC, other agencies are investigating what ingredient is linked to the deaths and lung disease cases’. Furthermore, she suggested, ‘thus far there are no known answers as what exactly is causing these issues’. Delman said the known chemicals in e-cigarettes can be hazardous to one’s health, but more testing is necessary.

The CDC Says That More Than Likely A Specific Chemical Is Responsible For Vape Lung Deaths

Delman said more than likely it’s a specific chemical that is causing the pulmonary disease and the vaping deaths. However she stressed that the exact chemical causing these alarming incidents is not yet known.

Delman said these e-cigarette products are loaded with several chemicals. People need to be aware of all the chemicals in these products. Delman said there is currently ongoing testing being done, to determine the chemical responsible for the deaths. Some earlier reports indicated that the chemical responsible is Vitamin E acetate.

This chemical is a compound made from a vitamin complex formulated during the vaping process. Delman said the CDC is working with the company that earlier made this claim. She said there is no solid proof as of yet that establishes this vitamin as the culprit.

Researchers Say That Most Of The Vaping Deaths Or Pulmonary Cases Have Been Linked To THC

The CDC says that most of the deaths of the victims of the pulmonary lung disease, were using a mixture of cigarettes and THC. The THC is the active ingredient in marijuana, the victims were using a mixture of both nicotine and THC.

Some users being studied said they used one or the other, or both. Delman said, ‘take this data with a grain of salt’ nothing has been confirmed, the only way to be safe right now is to not use any of these products.

The first reported vaping death was in August in Indiana. There are cases of deaths and vaping lung in 33 states. Including, California, Minnesota, and Oregon. The sudden spike of cases being submitted is due in part to data from state health agencies reporting information. Delman says ‘the bottom line, is that no one knows right now what chemical in these products is toxic’.


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