Midwest Farmers Abandoned by Disaster Relief Funding

Major flooding continues to effect Midwest farmers
With rising water levels along the Mississippi River. 2019 continues to test the Midwest, specifically farmers who have experienced major flooding. The amount of crop losses has not been measured yet, but it looks to be massive. Furthermore, we can expect food...

Bigger Is Better Say Some U.S. Farmers

bigger farms
Extreme weather events, and trade wars, have forced many farms to go under. Still other farmers have been forced to retire early and file bankruptcy. There were 12,800 less farms in 2018 with the number of farms being 2,029 million total. This is a very small number of farms operating compared to

Flood Rains Of 2019 May Bring Much Needed Positive Results For US Farmers

Rain and floods May Bring Good News For Corn Farmers In 2020 Says Fertilizer Company The Canadian fertilizer company Nutrien believes that after a year plagued by torrential rain, farmers will make a comeback in 2020. The...

Woman Dies after Being Attacked In Friends Garden

rattlesnake attack
Family members said Meredith, an avid gardener was helping her friend with her garden when the rattlesnake,appeared out of nowhere' and bit Meredith.

Trump Ready To Announce Deal With EU Markets

beef exports
U.S. and European officials have been trying to hammer out a deal for at least two months, according to a source. The source who was present at some of the meetings, said at times results were