Senator Chuck Grassley In Agreement With President Trump On China Tariffs

Grassley says he will not be advising the President to modify his stance on the current issues with trade with China. Grassley attended the Iowa State Farm over the weekend and encountered

Flash Flooding Continues For This State

flash flooding
Some areas received more than 10 inches, the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a flash flood warning. The counties affected are

States Suffer-Income Falls Second Quarter

The record quarter of 2019 shows that U.S. Farmers have a declining income again. Hardest hit are those farmers in the farm belt. A large area of the farm belt have been deluged with

Crushing Blow To U.S Farmers As China Stops ALL U.S. Agriculture Products

U.S. agriculture
China Stops All Purchases Of U.S. Agriculture Products As Trade Wars Rage On Just as there was a little positive news coming from China regarding planned U.S. China negotiations, China threw a wrench into that.

A New High Record For Tyson Foods Surpassing Predictions

Tyson Foods
According to activity on the US Stock Exchange on Monday, Tyson Foods Logged a better than expected quarterly earnings. Some experts believe the profit margin for Tyson is a direct result of the