[VIDEO] You Wont Believe What This Flight Attendant Has To Say

A Southwest Flight Attendant gave her own unique twist to an otherwise mundane safety speech. The passengers were

Leaked Toxins and Multiple Dead- Citizens Fear Govt Cover Up

nuclear accident
Last week five nuclear scientist were killed after an explosion at a weapons research center in Siberia. Credible reports indicated the area that surrounded the center had

14 Year Old Girl Killed During Tragic Accident in Glacier National Park

girl killed
A Utah family is mourning after their family vacation turned into a nightmare this week. The family was on the last stretch of their family vacation when

Japan Gives The Green Light To Grow Human-Animal Hybrids

The Japanese Government Allows The University Of Tokyo To Engage In Odd Stem Cell Research There is a lot of controversy brewing in Japan after the government green lights controversial stem cell research. The research will allow...

Koch Foods Attracts American Jobs Following one of the Largest Round Ups of illegal immigrants

The plant was raided in what turned out to be the largest round up of illegal immigrants in the history of