Midwest Farmers Abandoned by Disaster Relief Funding

Major flooding continues to effect Midwest farmers

With rising water levels along the Mississippi River. 2019 continues to test the Midwest, specifically farmers who have experienced major flooding. The amount of crop losses has not been measured yet, but it looks to be massive. Furthermore, we can expect food prices on all large scale commercial products to skyrocket. This includes corn, soy, beef, and pork.

The flooding and natural disasters from the last two years have been catastrophic. Hurricanes slammed the east coast and southern states. Major wild fires on the west coast, and now flooding has been reported in a vast majority of states from the north throughout the Midwest.

The house of representatives is set to vote on a 19.1 million dollar disaster relief fund this week. President Trump agreed that the bill needs to be passed to help aid the many farmers, and citizens across the US. With many of our lawmakers out of office the prior week, the bill was blocked by both sides. Representatives stated that passing a nearly 20 million dollar bill in a hurry could pose many issues.

First term representative John Rose stated “Trying to pass nearly $20 billion in new spending while the majority of Congress is not even in Washington reflects another act of irresponsible big government”.

Republicans, and Democrats alike from states that have been affected by the natural disasters continue to criticize lawmakers on this matter. The White house, and lawmakers have been going back and forth on the bill for several months now. The bill would go towards highway repairs, crop losses, and even some military bases effected by the disasters.

For now, most of the United States will continue to wait for this disaster relief fund. We hope lawmakers and the white house will be able to find some common ground on this topic.



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