8 Drought Tolerant Plants for Your Home Garden

Drought tolerant plants for your home garden

Drought tolerant plants are especially important for western and southern states where rainfall is limited. We all know water is very crucial for the growth and survival of plants. However, there are some plants which can grow in the lack of water, and are best for survival gardening in case of a drought. You can plant them in your garden as a precautionary step, in order to prevent your garden from dying when a drought hits. The plants in the list below can survive without water for a longer period of time than most plants. Thus, they are best to plant in areas where the possibility of a drought is high.

Drought tolerant plants we recommend for your home garden


Aloe has high tolerance of a drought because it thrives in dry and hot climates. For landscapes which are prone to drought, Aloe is an ideal choice of plant. They are present at many different areas such as alpine locations and coastal regions. Cool winter season and rainfall make it possible for Aloe plants to survive the dry and dreary droughts.


In dry and hot areas, pepper plants are a loyal companion. All species of peppers have a good tolerance for heat and drought. You can plant different variety of peppers in your garden, ensuring a variety of flavors for your meals.


Wallflowers can add beauty to your garden all year round. They are famous for their beautiful appearance and pleasant smell. They can be planted in a sunny area or a shaded place, and do not require water to survive. Therefore, these flowers are drought resistant and apt for survival gardening.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are the only member of the potato family that can thrive in hot climate conditions. The plants are perfect for drought and survival days because they are high in carbs. Like other potatoes, they can keep you energized and save you from starvation.


Lantana is a stunning flower, which can add abundance of color to your garden. In addition to that they are rich in delightful aroma, creating a pleasant ambiance wherever they are planted. It can be planted in any type of soil and loves heat. Which labels it as a high drought tolerant plant.


Pomegranate offer a lot of health benefits. Fitness enthusiasts and people in general love it for its antioxidant characteristics. It is mostly found in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, which are dry and hot areas. Thus, it naturally has a high tolerance for heat. Pomegranate juice can be very refreshing and energizing for survival situations.


Unlike most vegetables, we eat the roots of carrots. Carrot’s roots are spread deep in the ground which enables it to accumulate ample of water from the ground, unlike most plants. This increases its ability to survive a drought.


Fig trees are not demanding at all. They can pretty much grown in any soil, it enjoys and requires sunlight. They should be considered as part of your survival gardening because, they do not need a lot of water to yield fully ripped and sweet figs.

The aforementioned are all drought tolerant plants that will thrive in your garden during the hottest months of the season.


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