Corn Farmers Facing Record Hardships Due To Severe Flooding

Corn farmers face record hardships due to severe flooding

Corn farmers throughout  the corn belt are facing hardships with destroyed crops due to record levels of rain this spring. Farmer Kyle Cline posted a picture of  himself in his Indiana corn field to illustrate the hardships he is dealing with. The picture quickly went viral, Cline says that he’s glad he is able to shed some light on what he and other farmers are dealing with this year. The picture Cline posted shows him in his corn field last year, and at the same time one year later. The difference in the growth of his corn field this year is staggering. Katie Staton of BA Genetics told AccuWeather this picture is a window in for people that are outside of the AG industry. Staton said ‘people who are not directly by these weather events have no idea what is really going on.’

American Farmers are Facing a Crisis

The picture was taken by Cline’s wife, Tori Cline as he stood in his cornfield located in New Ross, Indiana. Staton is a close friend of the Cline family, she asked permission before posting the picture on Facebook. The picture was being shared thousands of times in the first few minutes it was up.  Staton said when she first saw the picture it just displayed clearly what our farmers are facing. “It’s devastating to the entire industry”. Staton wrote regarding the picture. “These two pictures speak volumes to the crisis American farmers are facing this spring. Kyle is 6’3 and the corn was nearly above his head in 2018″. The genetic engineer went on to explain that this year most corn in the corn belt is barely out of the ground. Those that barely have corn that is knee high are considering themselves very lucky.

One of the Worst Years for Corn Farmers

Jason Nicholls a senior meteorologist with AccuWeather concurred with Staton. Nicholls says this year is going to break records, for one of the worst years for corn farmers. Staton lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and she is seeing the devastation first hand. She has expressed concern for the mental health of the farmers facing this crisis. The USDA released a crop report, and in it, the report said that only 84% of Indiana’s farm crops have been planted thus far. The report indicates that at this time last year 100% was planted. The five year average for Indiana and nearby states was 94% of crops planted at this time of year. Nicholls confirmed that the crops in Indiana are way behind, and if the season continues on the path it’s on, the farmers will not be able to cultivate a normal crop. He said the financial consequences to the corn farmers. can be enormous. Mrs. Cline works for the Farm Service Agency. She said she and her husband have done everything humanly possible to have the best results. Furthermore, all she can do, she said, “is keep an eye on the sky.” Farmers are praying for sunshine, to try to salvage what is left of the season.




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