Ohio Farmers Predict- Years to Recover Revenue

Ohio farmers

Ohio Farmers Predict It Will Take Years To Recover From Lost Revenue Due To Rain

Ohio farmers haven’t been able to plant their corn and soybeans due to the torrential rains the area has seen this year. A group of Ohio farmers met with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, to discuss their plight. An exasperated group told the governor that it will take years to recover from the severe weather events that have plagued the Midwest. Others told the Governor that they have been forced into bankruptcy as a direct result of the lost revenue they were blown. The Governor appealed to the Department of Agriculture to label the area a ‘disaster area’ so that federal relief aid can be made available to the farmers directly impacted by the rain.

DeWine told the group of farmers gathered in Perrysburg, Ohio, that he has sent a stern letter to the Trump Administration, explaining what he witnessed after touring farmlands in Toledo, Ohio. The former Ohio senator, DeWine explained to the farmers that he saw ‘complete devastation while touring the swampy weed filled areas in the Toledo area. He said without out aid he knows there will be untold hardships to the entire state of Ohio. The former attorney also said that there will be a residual impact on ancillary industries including, farming equipment, fertilizer sales, and higher prices at grocery stores nationwide.

If the Farmers don’t get aid

DeWine is the 70th Governor of Ohio, and a member of the Republican party. One farmer gathered who declined to give his name said, “I’m banking on the fact that DeWine’s party affiliation will be an asset when dealing with the President in gaining federal aid for the state.” He added that if the farmers don’t get aid and the Governor is not successful in getting some of the current rules lifted, he is scared for the future.’ A rep for the gathered farmers explained to the governor that there is crop insurance in place with most farmers. The insurance the rep said, “is not in place for long term payouts.” The rep said the insurance covers unforeseen emergencies, not ongoing weather issues’.

Young Ohio Farmers effected the most

Parts of Northern and Eastern Ohio have seen 45 days of rain since April, it’s an unprecedented amount of rain they say. The group said that Northwestern Ohio is the hardest hit part of the state. One farmer said, “Not to be all doom and gloom but these guys will not be able to grow anything this season”. The general consensus of the group is that it will take two to five years to recover from these losses.’

That is only if the normal weather patterns return, not if there are more severe weather events. They also said that younger farmers without substantial savings will more than like not be able to recover and will be forced out of the industry. One farmer who was in attendance, Kris Swartz added, “We’ve all excepted that this is going to be a disastrous year financially, we are just trying to survive to the next year.”





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