Woman Dies After Being Attacked By 3 Tiger Sharks

tiger sharks attack woman

Jordan Lindsay Was On Vacation With Her Family When She Was Attacked by Tiger Sharks While Snorkeling

Reports say she was on a vacation in the Bahamas, when she was attacked by three tiger sharks. Jordan a devoted animal lover according to those that knew her best, died while enjoying a long awaited vacation.

Her father Michael Lindsay, said, “It’s kind of ironic that she was such an animal lover, and then she would die getting attacked by a shark” The heartbroken father said,”everyone misses her so much already.” Jordan,21, had just completed her junior year of college at Loyla Marymount University in California.

The family were enjoying their annual summer vacation, this year in the Bahamas. Jordan was having fun day in the sun, with her entire family near Rose Island.. Other family members were in the water, at the time of the attack. Her mother Kami Lindsay saw the sharks approaching and yelled to her daughter. Mrs. Lindsay told police her daughter ‘couldn’t hear her, because ‘her head was under the water.’

Woman’s Mother Tried To Save Daughter’s Life

Kami Lindsay, Jodan’s mother, started swimming towards her daughter, even though there was still danger. She was too late, her daughter was already in shock, having lost huge amounts of blood. Mrs. Lindsay was able to pull her daughter’s body to shore. The parents wasted no time, in taking their daughter to a nearby hospital.

Hospital staff pronounced Jordan Lindsay dead on arrival, as her family waited in a nearby waiting room. On Wednesday an official with the Royal Bahamas Police stated that they believed it was three sharks that attacked Lindsay. They revealed that Lindsay’s right arm was entirely ripped off during the attacked. The medical examiner said Lindsay also had injuries to her arms, legs and buttocks.

The President of Loyla Marymount University Conveyed His Condolences To The Family

Timothy Law Snyder the president of Loyla Marymount University, said Jordan was a ‘fierce defender of animal rights, and a very vocal climate change educator.’ According to environmentalists who conduct studies on shark attacks, say the numbers of fatal shark attacks in the Bahamas are very few. The last fatal shark attack in the Bahamas was in 2016.

The Ministry of Tourism on behalf of the Bahamian government issued a statement to the family. They said, “On behalf of the government and the people of the Bahamas expresses it’s deepest condolences and deepest sympathies to the family and and loved ones of the victim of the Wednesday shark attack.

The attack happened happened off of Rose Island near New Providence.” The Lindsay family meanwhile are devastated according to sources. They were on ‘vacation celebrating their lives and being a family, and now there is unimaginable grief.’
The family has set up a ‘Gofundme page’. They are trying to raise funds to cover transporting Jordan’s body back to California and for funeral expenses. They have raised over $36,000 dollars as of Thursday.




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