Tick Borne Virus, Now Creeping To Epidemic Status

Lyme disease

Health Experts Worried About An Unfolding Health Issue- Lyme Disease

Certain words are being tossed around this summer among leading health officials world wide. There is a very pervasive health risk that can affect millions of people around the globe. The population of pesky little ticks is expanding in alarming rates. It is is from the bite of a tick, that humans can contract Lyme disease.

Health officials are warning that the confirmed cases of the disease in the United States have doubled in 22 years. Due to those numbers, scientists have been conducting research to determine why the numbers are on the rise. There were 17% more cases of the disease from 2016 to 2017, just in that one year period.

Lyme Disease Now Being Contracted In All 50 States

Lyme disease is being contracted in very unpredictable places, which is another alarming fact. Predictable places for infection has normally been where the tick population is plentiful. Places like upstate New York and parts of Maine, have been known areas of heavy tick population. Health officials are advising, that every person, in all states and D.C. are now at risk for contracting Lyme disease.

Not only are the States seeing more documented cases of Lyme disease, Africa, Asia and Europe have reported increases in Lyme disease. In addition to Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is also on the rise. In fact, health officials are warning that this RMSF can pose more a health risk than Lyme Disease. Experts who have been charged with determining risk factors in contracting the disease have concluded some basic things. A few realities are at the core of the rise of the diseases, one being climate change. The other is human populations exploding into areas and spaces that they weren’t habituating in prior.

Health Officials Offer Life Saving Advise On How Not To Contract Lyme And Other Diseases

Researcher Kelly Oggenfuss and her hand picked team colleagues have been studying the new threats of Lyme disease for two decade. Oggenfuss and her team are from the ‘Cary Institute of Ecosystems Studies in Millbrook, NY. An area known as ‘the Hudson Valley Region’, which has the largest amount of ticks in the United States.

Ticks are most active in the eastern part of the US from April till November. It is during this time, that Oggenfuss and her team take samples of the ticks for further study. Ticks routinely contract the bacteria from small animals like chipmunks and then transmit the disease to humans. Prevention experts, say that knowing where ticks live, is a key to prevention. They normally live in humid areas, where there is a lot of foliage.

Whenever outdoors, avoid walking through leaves and bushes. It’s safest to walk in the center of a trail, versus on the edges where leaves accumulate. There are repellents that can be used to reduce the risks of contracting Lyme disease. Furthermore, the CDC offers advice on the best ways to protect yourself. These products should have DEET, picaridin and IR3535, oil of lemon (lemon eucalyptus) to be most effective.




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