Yellow Jackets- Nests As Big As Cars Showing Up In Alabama

yellow jackets

People In Alabama Are In Shock At The Sight Of Giant yellow jackets Appearing

Scientists are very perplexed at what is now showing up in different places in Alabama, Theses giant wasps nests are being called, ‘perennial jacket nests.’ Health officials are warning residents of the state to approach with extreme caution. Thousands of these wasps are calling Alabama home and community members are very afraid of the intimidating giant sized wasps. This is not the first time this has happened in the Yellowhammer state. In 2006 a colony with 15.000 yellow jackets the size of a Volkswagen Bug showed up there. That particular nest was one of 90 nests in Alabama that year. Charles Ray an entomologist in the state, said ‘it’s looking like something similar could happen again here in 2019.

Ray gave this ominous warning in June of 2019, his predictions and findings were published in the ‘The Alabama Cooperative Extension System.’ Ray considered an expert on the nests of different creatures is a research in the Entomology at Auburn University. Ray explained, “These perennial nests may be several feet wide and may have thousands of workers, far more than an average nest. We have found them attached to home exteriors and other places you might not expect to find yellow jackets”. The different places the giant wasps nest have been found are on the sides of houses. Other sightings have been discarded mattresses, and on the ground in fields. Ray also said that the giant wasps nests he has studied has roughly 15,000 wasps in them. Ray explained that amount is between 4 and 40 times the size of a normal nest.”

A Normal Perennial Yellow Jacket Nest Lays In The Ground & Peaks With 5000 Wasps

A normal perennial jacket nest, Ray adds, is lodge in some sort of cavity in the ground. When there about 5000 members or wasps, the nest is at ‘full capacity so to speak.’ In fact, Ray and other entomologists are dumb funded at these current giant wasps nest that sprouting up all over Alabama. The normal type of behavior for wasps in nest hunker down below ground, with many not surviving the winter.

The Queen of the nest surfaces during the spring and builds a new nest in a different location. Entomologists are making educated guesses as to what is currently going on with the wasps. They say that the warmer weather, and more food availability for the wasps may explain elements.

The yellow jackets don’t have to try to survive in as cool of temperatures now. In fact, they can nest and survive much longer than in years past. Furthermore, Another interesting tidbit the experts are throwing out, is that these giant nests, have more than one queen. This is almost unheard of. In addition, due to the nests having so many members, it’s normal that there would be more than one queen. Lastly, people are being warned that if they see these giant nests, they should not be touched in any way, call a professional.



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