Shark Infested Waters- 11 Great Whites Sharks Stalk Coastline

Great white shark numbers continue to increase

Cape Cod Braced For July Forth Revelers While It continues to deal With Shark Infested Waters

As midsummer quickly approaches, Cape Cod has been holding it’s collective breath. Local lifeguards on Tuesday spotted what they said was a great white shark. The monster shark was spotted close to the shore line near Cape Cod. A popular tourist destination, Wellfleet Beach was closed for an hour due to the sighting.

Tensions are running high among local officials, as a dismal anniversary approaches. In fact, It’s almost one year since a shark attack claimed a life, the first such fatal attack since 1936. A great white shark swam around Macaroni Beach in Wellfleet on Tuesday, it stayed about 40 yards from the shoreline. Although it didn’t breach the 40 yard mark, it made locals very anxious. Furthermore, the ‘Atlantic White Shark Conservatory’ is assisting local officials with accessing the probable dangers in the waters.

Experts Are Warning That Shark Sightings Will Increase In Cape Cod & Other Areas

More and more shark events have occurred all around the country and the world. There have been more shark attacks with serious or fatal consequences. Tom King a shark expert from Scituate, Massachusetts, warns that ‘this is the new normal.’ King says closing a beach for any amount of time a few days before July 4th is unprecedented.

This week is the busiest week economically of the year for the local merchants. King who grew up in the area, said in past time period, people could just leisurely go down to the beach. They could enjoy endless summer days and nights on the beach with out any issues. There never were sharks down here, no one felt any fear. Now he said, “we have company, with the check out date unknown at this time.’ The Atlantic White Conservatory reported on Monday that their research team spotted 11 great white sharks. That was 11 sharks spotted on Monday alone in Cape Cod Bay.

Experts Say The Numbers Are Increasing Due To The Seal Population Expanding

Sharks are predatory creatures, always on the look out for prey, with the seal population expanding, the sharks are attracted to the prey. Research team member Greg Skomal was able to tag two sharks on Tuesday. The tags say Skomal are an integral part of their research that allows them to monitor the shark’s behavior.

The team can see how far they swim in a day, where they swim, it’s invaluable research Skomal said. The two sharks tagged on Tuesday one, a 9-footer and a 10-footer were the first to be tagged this year. Cape Cod officials will be on the beaches from now until the end of summer. They will be assisting visitors with important information about shark safety. Last summer, 26 year old Arthur Medici was attacked by a shark while he was on a boogie board. In fact, the attack occurred at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, the first shark attack fatality in 86 years.


The Boston Herald



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