Childhood Memories Of Catching Fireflies Could Be A Thing Of The Past


The Disappearing Act Of Fireflies

Many people have very fond memories of summers, ice cream and fireflies. According to new reporting, firefly numbers are decreasing in the United States and all over the world. For the people of Maine, which in years past had a healthy population of Fireflies. Now those flying bugs that light up the sky at night are a rare sighting.

People have been talking at gathering places, about the decline of those wondrous flying creatures. More often than not, any type of insect that invades the space of a human is deemed annoying. Fireflies elicit just the opposite effect, they are most often a welcomed sight. Brian Pfeiffer, an expert on fireflies, says that the firefly population is declining for a variety of reasons.

Chemicals, Over Population Are A Few Of The Reasons For A Decrease In Fireflies

Pfeiffer says there are several reasons for the declining population of fireflies, most of them he says are rather obvious. Pesticides are a big factor, they been killed off by chemicals in giant numbers in the last 40 years. There is also a lot of ‘light pollution’ in tiny towns, small cities, larger cities, so basically everywhere. The erosion of available space, due to overbuilding is also another huge factor for the decline of fireflies.

Pfeiffer says that contrary to what people think, fireflies are extremely ‘picky’ when it comes to where they will gather. Once their natural habitat are reshuffled, it’s extremely hard for them to recover, and circulate back. Nowadays, sightings of a firefly is just about non existent in most of the country.

All Is Not Lost, Everyone Can Play A Part In Helping To Bring Back The Firefly

According to Pfeiffer, things can be done, to help boost the population of the firefly. Here are a few of the things any and everyone can do to help the process along. Outside lights should be turned off at night. The firefly can become extremely disoriented by lights that are on at night. So much so that it will interfere with their ability to mate. That is a big factor in the dwindling numbers, they can’t mate as much. If it can be avoided, harsh chemicals on the lawn is good way to keep fireflies away.

Pfeiffer and other experts say, natural solutions for lawn issues should be considered first. Harsh chemicals will keep weed growth down, but it will continue to keep the firefly numbers down too. If you ever considered growing a garden and you want to see fireflies again, this is the time to start that garden. Fireflies love lush greenery. They can nest in the garden, and also function as a natural controller of unwanted pests. Like snails, worms, slugs, and other bugs and insects, the fireflies will feed on all of it.
You can plant trees in strategic places, that will help bring the fireflies back too. Don’t over mow your lawn, the extra grass will attract these beautiful insects.


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