Virginia Captures Much Needed AG Grant


Virginia Gains $800 K Grant For Agricultural Projects

The goal of the grant awarded to Virginia is to strengthen the regional economy there. The specific areas that the grant money is intend for, is a new educational facility. This planned educational center is going to be a ‘hands on educational facility’ planned for the southwest part of Virginia.

The primary goal of the center will be to foster the skills of agricultural students in the area. The aim of the program being set forth at the center is to teach those students about livestock. The ultimate goal according to a source, is to enhance the expertise of management skills in the areas of livestock. Another issue being address is to help local farmers gain access to getting animals weighed graded and ready for market.

Louisa County, Virginia Will Also Benefit From The Awarded Grant

Another projected project of note, is a new business park being built in Louisa County. The complex will be the heartbeat of vital research to the state. The research will deal with land issues, how traffic impacts certain areas and and several engineering reports that will detail the 700 acre regional business center.

Governor Ralph Northam cheerfully revealed the announcement of the grant at a ”Growth and Opportunity for Virginia’ meeting this week. Northam said that the grant is ‘much appreciated, and will be used to continue to promote diversity state-wide. The governor also talked about the hardships that farmers in Virginia have been dealing with, he mentioned rains and cooler temperatures.

Governor Northam Also Discusses Burgeoning Hemp Industry In Virginia

Educators that were gathered at the same meeting discussed the growing hemp industry in the state. Several Virginia universities are studying the best growing conditions for hemp in the state. The governor remarked on the changing legislators in the state once reluctant to embrace the cultivation of hemp. He said now they are warmly embracing it, mostly because it’s a huge boost to the struggling farming industry.

Currently there are state endorsed hemp studies taking place at Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, James Madison University. Virginia voted to allow hemp research to commence in the state in 2015. The areas of study involved in the state are the best types of hemp that can grow in the state. Overall growing conditions in Virginia, and the best ways for hemp marketability. In 2016 the state gained a major win in the industry when it gained a valuable partner.

The company 22nd Century Group Inc. a leader in trying to reduce harmful effects of tobacco partnered with Virginia. The company made a 1.1 million dollar commitment to the state to fund a hemp research fund for a period of three years. Dr. Micheal P. Tinko a biology professor at UVA, head the hemp research development for the Century Group grant. Furthermore, the research includes several farmers from all parts of the state weighing on hemp growing conditions.



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