Minnesota Floods- Over 50 Cows Swept Away

Minnesota floods

Minnesota floods- Farmer still searching for lost cattle

Epic flooding occurred in Minnesota last week, in Byron, Minnesota. More than 56 cows and their calves were swept away into the Zambro River. The owner of the cattle, Robert Eustice. He has operated his farm, which consists of cattle, corn and soybean since 1982. The farm located near Valleyhigh Rd NW and County Road 5, has been in his wife’s family since 1904. Eustice said he’s hoping for the best, ‘that’s all you can do’. There have been a few cows that have turned up in some neighbor’s yard. However the water levels are too high to search for remaining missing cows. According Sheriff Kevin Torgerson, he received a call around 6 a.m. from the farmer, alerting him the cows were missing.

A Few Farms Have Pastureland Near The Minnesota Floods

Eastern Minnesota was deluged with rain showers Thursday night into Friday morning. Some areas got more than 7 inches, entire roadways were washed out. Officials are fearing the amount of damage to property and farmland could be in the millions of dollars. Torgerson said, he ‘figured that the farmer got up at his normal time. Went outside and looked around his farm, and saw that all of his cattle were missing. As of late Friday, none of the cows have been able to be recovered.

Witnesses reported seeing some of the cows being carried down stream. A few of the cows were seen later in the day near land. Torgerson has not recovered any of his cows, and he says, ‘it’s a terrible thing, you feel so helpless.’ US Highway 52 near Pine Island received heavy damages. The city is just North of Rochester, roads in and out remained closed on Saturday. The Minnesota Department of Transportation had crews out on Friday accessing the damages and closing roads.

Many Roads Still Remain Closed In Different Parts Of Minnesota

Another road, US 65 a little South of 52 also closed do to water being on top of the road way. MNDot also warned drivers that some roads have re-opened however they remain extremely slippery. The National Weather Service said that the Rochester International Airport received 4.9 inches of rain. They reported that’s a record for Rochester for the month of June. There has never been that much rain in a single day in June said an official.

The Natonal Weather Service additionally reported that there was very heavy rainfall in other parts of the state. There was 4 to 7 inches that fell in the cities of Dodge, Olmsted and Filmore. The intense rain shows, brought about flash flooding. There worst of the rain is not yet over. The weather forecast for the affected areas calls for more intense rain showers over the weekend into next week. According to Captain Mike Bromberg of Olmsted Emergency Management, “All of Dodge County’s water dumps into Olmsted, every drop of it.” Officals said they can’t recall another time when cattle was swept away during Minnesota floods.



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