Brothers Go Missing After Travelling to Secure Farm Deal

brothers missing
2 Brothers go missing while visiting Missouri to secure farm deal

2 Wisconsin Brothers Go Missing After Traveling To Missouri For Farming Deal Suspect In Custody

A puzzling case in Missouri is unfolding, as authorities search for the bodies of two brothers. Farmers Nichols Diemel,35, and his 24 year old brother Justin Diemel have been listed as missing.

The brothers who are farmers from Wisconsin, have business relationships with farmers in several different states. The two brothers deal in cattle, and have their cows sold by several different sources authorities are saying.

Police have released several details concerning this investigation. The Diemel brothers have been working on a deal with a Missouri farmer for about two months. The men were traveling in a rented truck which was found abandoned on July 22. No one has heard from either brother since the truck was found in a commuter lot in Missouri about a week ago.

Suspect Taken Into Custody

Police were hopeful the brothers would be found alive and were asking for information from the public. After the abandoned truck was found in the lot, police now believe the two men are dead.

On Monday Clinton County Sheriff Larry Fish appeared before a pool of reporters to announce the turn the case has taken. With the truck being found and leads coming in, the police believe the brothers have been met with foul play.

Garland Nelson who owns the farm the brothers were supposed to be visiting was arrested by the police on Monday. Nelson admitted to driving the rental truck from his farm to the commuter lot. He appeared before a judge, charged with tampering with evidence. Nelson is being held without bail, and police say he is cooperating.

Rain Has Slowed Down The Search For The Brothers

Nelson’s farm is over 74 acres, so there is a lot of area searchers have to cover. The area has experienced torrential rain in the last few days, making the search come to a standstill at times.

Authorities still are trying to figure out what happened, and have been meticulously sifting through Nelson’s farm for clues. Sheriff Fish said, ‘leads are coming, and they are taking all leads seriously, but it can take time.’ Nelson,25, has had some skirmishes with the law in the past, he served two years in a federal prison in 2015 for fraud.

The men are from the Shawano/Green Bay area of Wisconsin. Nick’s wife Lisa Diemel said the two brothers traveled regularly for their cattle business. The two men traveled by air from Wisconsin to Missouri. They rented the truck in Kansas City, the truck was found halfway between the Kansas City Airport and Cameron Missouri.

The men were staying in Cameron, and locals reported the lot where the truck was found is rarely used. Employees from the brother’s business ‘Diemel Cattle’ have arrived in Missouri to search for them. Nick and Lisa Diemel have four young children, that she says ‘are too young to understand.’


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