Murder & Mayhem As Garlic Festival Turns Deadly

Garlic Festival

Murder & Mayhem At California Garlic Festival 3 Dead Over 15 Injured

Gunshots rang out on the last day of annual Garlic Festival in the Northern California town of Gilroy. The treasured event which features all things made of garlic, was in it’s 40th year.

The event is held the last weekend of July each summer and attracts over 100,000 from all over the country and beyond. The event held at Christmas Tree Park in the town of Gilroy, CA which is 30 miles for San Jose.

At the end of the last day of the three day festival shots rang out, and people started to scatter and run to get away from the gunfire. At least three people died, including a 6 year old boy, who was attending the festival with his family.

One suspect was killed on the scene who was dressed in full tactical gear. The Gilroy Chief of Police Scot Smithee said “This type of situation is something you never want to see.”

Police Say The Killer Was Shooting Randomly With No Known Target

The boy who died has been identified as Steven Romero, who was at the event with his mother and grandmother. The child’s grandmother and mother were also injured and are currently in the hospital.

People who had gunshot injuries were transported to the hospital late Sunday, there were several other types of injuries reported. Some people have broken bones from being pushed down, as people ran towards entrance ways to get out.

The Mayor of Gilroy Roland Velasco, said in 40 years of the festival, this is ‘unimaginable.’ He declared a county wide emergency, as law enforcement searches for a believed second shooter.

Dion Bracco a member of the City Council, said three people were pronounced dead at the scene. He called for prayers for the families, he also asked for prayers ‘for those still fighting for their lives.’

Several People Are Currently In Critical Condition After being Injured at the Garlic Festival

The Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco from San Francisco are being tasked with the ongoing investigation. The first gunshot was reported at 5:41 pm, Chief Smithee said the gunman entered the festival by cutting out part of a fence.

One witness present was Julissa Contreras, who at one time was training to a be a police officer. Contreras said she noticed, ‘just a very average looking guy, with an assault rife. He was just moving the rife from left to right, just looking for people to shoot.’ Contreras observed the man from behind the area he was standing in. She told reporters she crouched down so he couldn’t see her.

According to her, the shooter did not say anything and stopped shooting for seconds to reload , Contereas believes he fired at least 30 rounds very quickly, 2 or 3 shots every few seconds non stop. She described him as being white and in his mid 30’s wearing dark glasses and military style clothing. Furthermore, the witness said he had straps and clips on him, ‘and seemed completely prepared for what he was doing.’


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