Two Hurricanes Could Have Severe Weather Issues For Hawaii

Hurricanes Erick and Flossie

Hurricane Erick Being Monitored As It Moves Towards Hawaii

There are two hurricanes being monitored for potential issues for Hawaii. Hurricane Erick is expected to get weaker before it hits Hawaii, but could cause heavy rains and intense wind.

Hurricane Flossie is a few hundred miles from Hawaii and could grow in strength. According to meteorologists monitoring the hurricanes, they say Flossie poses the most risk for potential issues. Late Tuesday evening, Hurricane Erick was clocked having winds at 130 mph.

It was located about 830 miles southeast from Hilo, 1050 miles from Honolulu. The Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC) is monitoring both hurricanes, they reported that Erick was moving at about 15 mph. Forecasters have predicted that within five days Erick will be a tropical storm.

The CPHC said that Hurricane Flossie is currently traveling in a northwestern direction. The center believes that if it continues to do that, it could create an impact by next week.

A Hurricane Center In Miami Is Also Monitoring Both Hurricanes

The Hurricane Center of Miami believes the Hurricane Flossie is strengthening as it moves and could hit within a day or two. They believe that the ‘cyclone’s’ continued strength could become substantial before reaching Hawaii.

Governor David Ige of Hawaii said he’s been consulting with hurricane expert. Based on the consultations that Flossie will impact the people of Hawaii much more severely than Erick. There is currently controversy brewing at the volcano Mauna Kea, where several days of protests have been going on.

The state is planning on building a giant telescope at the foot of the volcano. Some Native Hawaiians believe the ground the volcano sits on is holy land.

The demonstrators have been blocking the roads leading up to the volcano, to interrupt construction. Ige, has expressed grave concern that the demonstrators will hamper evacuation efforts as the hurricanes come closer.

Governor Ige Believes Demonstrators Have A Right To Picket, Not At The Risk Of Safety To Others

Ige, says the demonstrators have a right to voice their concerns about the holy ground. However they have no right to put the safety of other citizens of Hawaii at risk.

He said if necessary the demonstrators will be removed from the area by force. The Governor says that officials are currently planning evacuation paths and centers, and the demonstrators can not get in the way of that.

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, (HEMA), has been advising all residents to be prepared for the impending hurricanes. Furthermore, HEMA said the key to minimize property damages, injuries and loss of life is to be prepared.

The National Weather Service (NSW) in Honolulu said there is a tropical storm warning in effect for the Big Island. The NSW advised that Erick is now officially listed as a ‘tropical storm.’ They say that could change as Erick starts to come closer. The only way to know exactly what strength Erick has is when it passes through the Big Island.


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