Pharmaceutical Giant Sets Eyes on Plant Based Industry

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Bayer Drops Hints That Investment In Plant Based Meat Is On The Horizon

Pharmaceutical giant Bayer wants to join the plant based food product bandwagon. An executive with the German based company said on Thursday, the industry may be in their future.

The plant based meat and other food products are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Bayer said that providing a protein option is an available sales projection plan for them. Bob Reiter, who leads the company’s research and science division talked about plans on Thursday.

Reiter was participating in an investor conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Reiter is part of a panel discussion, and was asked about the plant based industry. People are turning to plant based meat products in droves, as food safety concerns rise.

People are also turning to a vegetarian diet out of animal humanitarian reasons. Many environmentalists have been waving a stretched finger at the animal farming industry. This also accounts for the increase in sales of plant based meat.

Many Popular Restaurant Chains Now Have Plant Based Meat Options On Their Menus

Del Taco has recently added the vegan meat company ‘Beyond’ to their menu items. Red Robbin famous for their gourmet hamburger has added ‘the Impossible Burger’ which is plant based to their menu.

Even fast food giant ‘Burger King’ around since 1954 offers a ‘veggie burger’ to their customers. Other long standing meat producing companies like Tyson Food Inc and Maple Leaf Foods, now offer plant based food options.

According to the latest statistics available over 40 percent of consumers want more plant based food. Bayer was involved in a 65 billion dollar deal last year, when they bought Monsanto.

Experts Say There Is No Sign That Plant Based Meat Producers Will Be Slowing Down

The Bayer Executive said the plant based industry must make sure their products are not sub-par. Reiter said some that are just on the verge of jumping into the plant based meat industry have slight concerns.

Those concerns are that a healthy balance of amino acids and carbohydrates can be in the plant based mixture. The current version of a ‘burger ‘by ‘Beyond Meats’ is made of peas, brown rice, sunflower seeds, and mung beans.

It’s CEO Ethan Brown said they are taste testing different sources for alternative protein. He said ‘there are countless crops to pull ingredients from for their products.

The number of vegan and vegetarians in the U.S changes so rapidly, getting an accurate count is difficult. New vegan restaurants are sprouting up across the U.S. daily. Supermarkets offer vegan products, and more markets join the ranks monthly.

Forbes recently reported that every person knows at least one friend or family member that is a vegan or vegetarian. They also reported that younger people aged 18 to 29 are more likely to be a vegan,. According to their research liberals are much more likely to be vegan vs conservatives.



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