Fisherman Catches An Enormous Albino Catfish Weighing in at


Fisherman Catches An Albino Catfish Weighing in at a Whopping 194 Pounds

A British fisherman on vacation in Spain caught an Albino Catfish, weighing in at 194 pounds. This catch sets the record for ‘largest Albino Catfish’ ever caught with a rod and reel.

The 40 something fisherman Chris Grimmer of Sheffield, England was vacationing with three of his pals, when the amazing catch happened. Grimmer told gathered reporters that the fish stripped his reel, it was then that he realized ‘it was something big.’

The three life long friends were fishing on the Ebro River in Spain. The river is the second largest river after the Tagus river, on the Iberian Peninsula. Grimmer recounted his fishing tale saying after the fish took the bait, it was a struggle to reel him in.

He said he struggled for over 30 minutes due to the sheer strength of the fish. According to an onlooker, the fish’s massive strength caused Grimmer’s ‘rod to bend over double.’

Grimmer Recalls It Was Like Trying To Reel A Bus In

Grimmer said that the size and weight and the fish needed a helping hand. One of his ‘mates jumped in the water to help lift the catfish’ out of the water.

The friends were out on the water with a tour guide, due to not being that familiar with the area. At the time of the catch, their tour guide Ashley Scott was off buying food. As soon as Grimmer made the catch, Scott was summoned back to the fishing location.

Scott quickly returned to the fishing spot and realized that the catch could be record setting. Knowing what the prior record for a catfish was, Scott knew chances of this haul making the records were good. News of the record setting catch grew quickly among the locals, a huge crowd began to gather.

Scott, “there was mayhem on the bank with people cheering and clapping. The group celebrating with toasts and champagne, Grimmer put a drop in the river for the fish. After the weight of the catfish was documented for the record, it was safely released back into the water.

Chris Was So Exhausted After His Battle To Reel The Big Fish In He Could Hardly Walk

Grimmer said fighting to reel the catfish in ‘was so exhausting, that he could hardly walk. He said after all was said and done, the struggle ‘was worth it.’ The catfish that Grimmer caught weighed 194 pounds and measured 8 feet in length. Incidentally another British fisherman set a similar record with his son on the same river in 2013.

Bernie Campbell and his son Gary caught an ‘albino wels catfish‘ weighting 206 pounds, and also 8 feet long. That fish is slightly different and is also known as a ‘sheatfish’.

Campbell at the time said, when he ‘saw it was white, he couldn’t believe it.’ It’s massive size and strength almost pulled him into the water four different times. Campbell has been actively trying to catch an Albino Catfish in the last seven years unsuccessfully. He said’ it’s ‘such a beautiful fish, but it’s managed to evade me.’


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