3 Dead, and 2 Injured During Cliff Collapse

Officials warn to stay at least 30ft from cliffs

More Evidence Of California’s Eroding Coastline As Three Die On A Popular Beach

A section of rock and sand measuring about 30 by 25 feet fell to the sand below it in Encinitas, California. The ruble that weighed 120 pounds per square foot, crashed down, suddenly.

One person was found dead in the ruble, and two others found were transported to hospital where they died. The incident happened on the popular Grandview Surf Beach, in Leucadia, just outside of Encinitas.

The beach is in San Diego County and 25 miles from downtown San Diego. The beach is a very popular with locals and tourist. Many families were there, as kids were enjoying the sun and surf before they prepare to return to the new school year.

According to the Fire Captain of the Encinitas fire department, the victims were facing the ocean. He said the cliff fell down behind them with no notice. The Captain Larry Giles said, “the cliff just crushed them, there was not time for them.’

The Names Of Victims Have Not Yet Been Released Pending Family Notifications

The Chief said one fatality was a woman, who was found dead in the ruble. He also said there are two people with injuries. The scene has not yet been cleared, as rescue workers are still on the beach looking for victims.

Rescuers used heavy duty equipment to get to the first woman, who was at the very bottom of the ruble. Jackie Benedict was at the beach with friends when the collapse occurred.

She said, ‘ I can’t imagine just going out to the beach for fun, and in a second your whole life changes.’ Bennett said she was at the beach but not where the collapse was, ‘it was horrible’ she said. After the first responders and police arrived to the scene, the beach was promptly closed and evacuated. There were towels, umbrellas, flip flops and rafts scattered everywhere along the beach.

Officials Said Naturally Occurring Erosion Is What Caused The Collapse

According to a source, all three victims were members of the same family. Officials say this is not the end of this type of occurrence, it will continue to happen as the coastline continues to erode.

One of the highest tides on record swept through hours before the collapse, officials are not sure if there is a connection. Clean up crews could be seen all along the coastline. Lifeguards advised that people should stay at least 30 feet away from cliffs.

New warning signs are being placed all along California beaches. Officials warned that another cliff adjacent to the one that fell is also unstable and can meet the same fate soon. There was a lifeguard station that was only a few feet from where the cliff fell.

The stations has been moved, and homeowners along coastlines are being warned that houses could be unstable. Furthermore, on Saturday there were still search dogs combing the beaches for other victims.


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