Flash Flooding Continues For This State

flash flooding
Flash floods cause heartache across the Midwest

More Rain On The Way For Kansas As They Deal With Flash Flooding

Bad news is on tap for Eastern Kansas Farmers, as they received several thunderstorms Thursday night. More than 10 inches of rain fell causing flash flooding in several areas.

Some areas received more than 10 inches, the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a flash flood warning. The counties affected, Douglass, Franklin, and Anderson County, there are evacuations in some of those counties.

All of those counties were already experiencing flash flooding, from past storms. Several cities have been impacted by the rains and the unrelenting storms. Officials are warning people not to drive their cars though flooded areas.

Most of the flood deaths that have occurred in Kansas were in cars. Some of affected cities are, Lawrence, Kansas City, Garnett, Perry, Lone Star, Greeley, Rantoul, Wellsville and Westphalia. Flooding also caused issues on the Kansas Turnpike/Interstate 70 and Interstate 35.

The Heavy Rains Late Thursday Just To The West Of Kansas City Metro Area

The NWS is issuing warnings for the area, as more heavy rains are expected until Saturday. Parts of Missouri are also experiencing flash flooding as a result of these storms.

Parts of Ottawa, Kansas are under water, residents there are bracing for more rain. There have been several water rescues going on in Kansas and Missouri.

Kayla Sword and nine members of her family had to be rescued from their Ottawa, Kansas home. Sword said the family were asleep, when the water started rushing into their home at 2:30 a.m. on Friday. Sword said, “it’s horrible we lost everything, all the memories that can never be replaced.”

By the time the family was out of the home, the water had reached to the ceiling of the home’s basement. Another family member said, “It’s sad seeing all of our memories that we had, in this house. A house we had for over a 100 years, it’s all gone.”

The City Of Ottawa Kansas Issued A Warning For Residents To Go To Shelters

Officials are warning residents of Ottawa, Kansas that the flooding is expected to continue for a while. Franklin County and the entire city of Ottawa, are most susceptible to the flooding officials said.

People are being told to avoid the intersection of K-68 and Main. Crews are there pumping out the water, the area is impassable, officials warned. Many businesses were completely flooded with their inventories destroyed.

Many people in the affected area said they don’t have flood insurance because they can’t afford it. The storm came in so fast on Thursday many residents said they were taken by surprise.

There were multiple water rescues going Friday morning in the impacted areas. The wastewater equipment in Lawrence, Kansas failed as a result of all the rain. The facility remained shut down on Friday with water waste being diverted to the Kansas City River. Officials warned people near the plant not to drink water there and avoid the area.


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