Forecasters Predicting Very Active Hurricane Season

hurricane season

El Nino Fizzled Out Early Hurricane Season Is Expected To Be Very Active

Meteorologists working with the government are predicting that hurricane season can arrive a little early this year. The reason say the meteorologists is that El Nino fizzled and was weaker than expected.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrative Climate Prediction Center (NOAACPC) released a report this week. The NOAACPC has been looking into weather patterns as hurricane season approaches.

They say ‘the Atlantic season’ looks very active, much more so than originally thought. Forecasters had some sober news to report about impeding storms and weather events. They believe there will be between 10 and 17 named storms during the upcoming season.

The forecasters say five to nine of those 17 being hurricanes. They also believe that two to four of those hurricanes will be ‘major‘ ones. This same group said in May that the hurricane season would be normal. With just a few named storms and some hurricanes.

Forecasters Look AT El Nino To Determine What Will Happen During Hurricane Season

Forecaster Gary Bell says that El Nino can signal that the hurricane season can be marginal, if El Nino stays around. This year it left a little a early and that can be an indicator that hurricane season can be problematic.

A strong El Nino can provide a cushion to the Pacific by warming it, and weakens ongoing storms. What El Nino does affects weather patterns all over the world and it can substantially weaken storm systems. Hurricane season is typically June to November, this season there has been one hurricane and two named storms. Another agency NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also had to update their predictions.

Weather storms Andrea and Barry have already occurred, there are 15 more experts say could be worrisome. An average season usually has 12 named storms, with 6 of those having the potential of being hurricanes. In an average season there are typically 3 major storms, that can cause property damage and loss of life.

The El Nino Creates A Barrier Made Up Of Winds Which Typically Weakens Impending Storms

Now that the El Nino has ended the barriers it creates are gone with it. The actual term used to describe this transition time when El Nino leaves as ‘neutral conditions’.

Experts are saying that now that El Nino has left, the Atlantic is ripe with hurricane potential. Not only can their be more hurricanes than the average amount, but their strength can be much stronger.

Travel experts are advising people to think about their plans when traveling to areas prone for hurricanes. Travel industry professionals say that ‘huge deals’ can be had in areas known to have hurricanes.

The latest predictions include the Atlantic which encompasses the Caribbean. It also includes the Gulf of Mexico, Florida and the Bahamas. The peak of the hurricane season is August to October. Travel industry experts said when booking hotels ask them if they have ‘hurricane protection policy. People should also be aware of airline polices regarding hurricanes.



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