Swarm of Bees Attack -Several Hospitalized and 1 Dead

bee attack

Group is attacked by swarm of bees leaving several hospitalized and one man dead

A 73 year old man was in a group of people, who were cleaning up scrap materials near Atkins Farm Road. The incident happened in Cochise County, when the group were attacked by a swarm of bees, that witnesses say came out of nowhere.

The man, was allergic to bees, and his 43 year old son, who was part of the group called 911. The son told the 911 operator that ‘his father was allergic to bees, and he was just stung several times’.

A deputy reached a car with the victim inside, the father and son were trying to get to a hospital. The deputy told the driver to pull over at a safe spot, when he located their car near San Simon. The officer got in the back seat of the car where the man was, and tried to administer CPR.

The deputy also received several bee stings as he was in the car. An ambulance arrived, the man was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Cochise County Sheriff’s Department Said They Were Advised That A Man Was Dying In The Car

As the deputy was in the back seat of the car, there were several bees in the car with them. The bees buzzing around made any and all CPR attempts impossible.

The deputy got out of the car, and advised the son to pull over and wait for medical staff to arrive. The man was first taken to a fire station, where first responders tried to resuscitate the 73 year old man from Duncan, Arizona.

All attempts by fire personal were unsuccessful. The son and two other men in the group had to be treated for multiple bee stings. The son who lives in Animas, New Mexico, remains hospitalized in Arizona.

The deputy said as soon as he opened the door, the bees came out and started attacking him. The deputy also had to be treated for over a hundred bee stings.

Another Man Was Attacked In The Same County On A Golf Course

Just a few days before this latest bee attack, another man also in Cochise County was attacked. Ralph Ammaccapane, was doing what he does every Wednesday, playing a round of golf with a group of friends.

The Arizona man was playing at Cave Creek Golf Course in Phoenix, Arizona. When the group approached the 6th hole they were suddenly attacked by a swam of bees.

Ammaccapane said,”it was really scary and something I’ve never experienced before.”. He said he has been regularly playing golf for 50 years, more than 10 at that particular golf course. The surprising thing was ‘that men were out in the open, in the middle of fairway’.

Ammacccapane said, ‘it would be more understandable if they were near trees, but right in the open it happened.’ Two of the men including Ammaccapane had to be hospitalized for multiple bee stings. They are now recovering at home, and grateful to be alive.




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