Koch Foods Attracts American Jobs Following one of the Largest Round Ups of illegal immigrants

Koch foods hosts job seekers following largest raid in Mississippi

Round Up of illegal immigrants-Rural Area Of Mississippi Attracts Job Seekers After Ice Raid

On Tuesday the human resource department at Koch Foods was still sifting through hundreds of applications for available positions. The plant was raided in what turned out to be the largest round up of illegal immigrants in the history of Mississippi.

The plant is located in Forest, Mississippi population 5,655 according to the 2017 census. The poultry industry is one of the state’s biggest contributors to the economy.

The job seeks, said they figured there were openings after several employees were rounded up in the raids of the last week. A random sampling of the people turning out to the plant for jobs, said they are just ‘looking for study work and a little higher pay’. One of those job seekers, Octavious Noblin, who survives on side work. Noblin said he’ hauls junk, does carpentry work, anything and everything to get by.’

People In Forest Mississippi Said Good Jobs Are Very Hard To Come By Locally

Noblin said the job market in Forest, Mississippi ‘are few and far between.’ With the raids came job openings, and a constant stream of job seekers with resumes in hand.

Noblin said he’s a native of Mississippi and grew up in Forest. He said he and his wife bought their first time small little home a few months ago. Noblin wants a steady job, so he has some stability in his life. He said this is the 5th time applying for a job at Koch Foods. Furthermore he feels after the raids, this is his first real shot at getting anything.

Job seekers that arrived on Monday to the plant, said they were happy to be standing there with a real shot at getting a decent job. A few said they felt sympathy for the 680 undocumented immigrants that were rounded up and arrested.

Job applicants were told to bring two different forms of ID to the plant, or they wouldn’t be seen. Single mother of four, Ralphtheia Nichols,51, said she has worked at several poultry plants in Mississippi. Nichols said that the workers that were rounded up ‘were just looking for a better life. You can’t hold that against them, everyone deserves a second chance at life.’

It’s all very unfair for American Citizens

While some job seekers, were sympathetic, others said, it’s all very unfair to be working jobs that you’re legally not entitled to. Some people said it’s American Citizens that are paying the price of all the undocumented immigrants.

A spokesperson for the union that represents employees at the plant, said’ the long lines of job seekers, show that Americans are not afraid of hard work. Another job seeker , Hailey Brewer said ‘I don’t know how they are going to fill all these open jobs.

There were 680 jobs available due to the raid. Brewer said there is no where near that number of people that have showed up.