Leaked Toxins and Multiple Dead- Citizens Fear Govt Cover Up

nuclear accident
Citizens fear government cover up is in motion

Russian Citizens Fear A Government Cover Up After Latest Nuclear Accident

Last week five nuclear scientist were killed after an explosion at a weapons research center in Siberia. Credible reports indicated the area that surrounded the center had a concentration of radiation, an increased amount after the accident.

However the Kremlin according to sources wanted to sweep the entire incident under the carpet. An official statement from Kremlin misstated the number of deaths, and the amounts of radiation detected after the accident.

There has been a noticeable panic in the cities and towns closest to the center. People have been rushing to pharmacies to buy iodine tablets. It is believed that iodine, can reduce the levels of radiation taken in by humans.

American officials monitoring the situation, said that the official Russian version of events are not accurate. A source said the U.S. believes the accident was the result of a nuclear driven missile.

Five Days After The Accident The Kremlin Still Avoids Releasing Accurate Details Of The Incident

Pavel Salin, a professor at the Center For Political Studies in Moscow, said ‘hiding facts regarding disasters, is a typical move for the Kremlin.’ Pavel stressed that the lying about certain facts can have deadly consequences.

Very little is known about what happened last Thursday, due in part to the changing stories by the Kremlin. The story was released to the public several hours after accident occurred. The way the story details were doled out, was in tiny bits and pieces.

At first the Kremlin said increased radiation levels were found near Severodvinsk,which is where the weapons research center is located. The information was released not directly from the Kremlin but by ‘Tass’ a state run news agency.

Other details were released, however shortly after those details were released the Kremlin denied the claims or changed them. People that lived near the weapons research center, started posting their own pictures. The pictures show radiation monitor readings right near the center. The numbers were alarming due to the high levels.

The Russian Government Told Citizens There Was No Reason For Concern After Nuclear Explosion

The Russian Ministry of Defense (RMD) started to release small insignificant details about the incident near the center. The RMD would only say that the center was testing a rocket engine,, when something ‘went wrong’.

A day after the accident the Rosatom the agency that regulates atomic power, said five employees died. They also said there were several others injured and more than a few remain hospitalized.

On another day the Defense Ministry said two service men were killed in the accident which puts the death toll at seven. No one is certain of the real number of fatalities due to the Kremlin being so evasive.

On Monday morning thousands of citizens were present for the funeral of the five engineers. The turnout just caused even more confusion among the residents. There were reports of locals being evacuated from the areas, but the defense minster denied those reports.


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