9 Year Old Mauled to Death

3 pit bulls attack 9 year old neighbor girl

Dog Owner Charged With Murder After His Dogs Mauled A 9 -year -Girl To Death

A man in Detroit is behind bars, and being held on a $2 million dollar bond. Pierre Cleveland,33, was arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder, and an involuntary manslaughter charge.

The child, Emma Hernandez, was riding her bike directly across the street from Cleveland’s house. Hernandez lived in the house across the street from Cleveland. His three dogs who regularly roamed the neighborhood unleashed attacked the girl, and pulled her off of the bike.

Neighbors hearing the girl’s screams ran to her, and tried to save her. One man throw a brick at one of the dog’s head. Another man went into his home grabbed a gun and shot one of the dogs.

Cleveland has no prior criminal record and his lawyers called the bail amount, ‘outrageous” and argued that he is not a flight risk. The judge held firm on the bail amount due to the nature of the crime.

Child’s Father Begged Cleveland To Do Something About His Dogs Prior To The Emma’s Death

The fence at Cleveland’s house had a large hole in the gate, which the dogs would use as a door. Neighbors called ‘Animal Control’ and the police countless times to complain about the dogs running lose.

The dogs are alive even after one was shot, which were promptly taken to the Detroit Animal Care Control Center. The dogs are currently under evaluation. A spokesperson said they more than likely will be euthanized due to the events that happened.

The child’s aunt, Claudia Stapleton, told, ‘WDIV’ that Emma’s father, Armando Hernandez, went to Cleveland’s house 2 days before the attack. Hernandez asked Cleveland to get better fencing, so the dogs can’t roam free in the neighborhood.

He ‘he didn’t bother to fix anything and now Emma is dead’. The aunt said. Emma was taken to Children’s Hospital of Michigan where she died of her injuries, the Corot ruled the death ‘an accident.’

The Child’s Father Says He Replays The Incident Over And Over In His Head

Armando Hernandez, said he can’t stop playing the incident in his head. “Just over and over again, I couldn’t sleep. I don’t sleep, just every time I close my eyes I see my baby girl”.

Cleveland appeared in court on Thursday and entered a not guilty plea. His family cried during the court proceeding, and Cleveland’s attorney Emmett Greenwood, asked for a reduction in the bail.

The judge declined, and he continues to be held behind bars. The child’s Aunt, said the family is just devastated by the loss of Emma. She said, she should have been able to ride her bike in the neighborhood and be safe to do so.

This is a tragedy. A makeshift memorial by the site of the attack is growing, with balloons stuffed toys and cards. Memorial services are going to be held this weekend in Detroit for Emma, the family said.


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