E. Coli : 2 Year Old Boy Dead After Contracting E. Coli At San Diego County Fair


E. Coli : Sad News Out Of San Diego After 2 Year Boy Dies After Attending State Fair

A 2 year old boy is dead after he contracted the E coli bacteria after attending the San Diego State Fair. Health officials are saying that three other people who also attended the fair are ill. The precise point of the bacteria remains unknown as of Saturday.

Health officials confirmed that all four people, had contact with animals at the fair. A report issued by the San Diego Health and Human Service Agency, confirmed the death of the 2 year old. Although three people did not have to be hospitalized that became ill and are being monitored.

The agency confirmed on Friday night that the boy became ill, and was hospitalized and died from E. Coli. The agency further confirmed all four people had contact with animals at the fair.

The CEO Of The San Diego County Fair Released A Statement

The CEO of the San Diego County Fair, Tim Fennell offered the following Statement. It read in part,”Our hearts and prayers, our thoughts go out to the family of this child”. The fair is currently in full swing. Children between the ages of 2 and 13 who were at the fair have fallen ill with the bacteria.

Organizers of the fair have closed all of the access the public has to the animal areas. The animals are still at the location, and this is concerning to local residents. Employees are still having contact with the animals, and local residents remain alarmed. One local resident Judy Trake, said, “the fair should be closed, since this boy died, and others are sick. They have no idea how he contracted the E. coli, but yet because of money the fair is open”.

The Fair Deputy Katie Mueller Says Public Safety Is The Number One Concern During this E. Coli Situation

The Deputy General of the fair, Katie Mueller said the ‘public’s safety is their number one concern’. The petting zoo at the fair, will be closed for the duration of the event. The petting zoo and other animal exhibits are always a highlight of the state fair.

Fair officials said all buildings are being scrubbed down, and sanitized. Attendance has been way down since news of the death of the boy was announced on Friday. The name of the boy has not been released, because of his age.

Sources said that the boy was with his mother and two siblings. All of the other family members that were at the fair were tested. They have all tested negative for the E. coli bacteria, but they are being monitored. San Diego officials said at this point they can not force the fair to shut down, however they were able to shutter the animal displays. E. coli is transmitted from person to person via waste matters. Raw meat, raw vegetables are routinely the culprits of transmission.


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