Mike Strain Fends off Challengers Ahead of Fall Elections


The Department Of Agriculture Of Louisiana (DAL) Dr. Mike Strain Tries To Fend Of Challengers

Republican DAL commissioner Dr. Mike Strain is on the campaign trail, ahead of the fall election. Dr. Strain, has been in office since 2008, and is a respected veterinarian in Louisiana.

Strain is facing challenges by two farmers who want his job, on Monday Strain defended his record. The farmers believe that Strain has not been effectively dealing with issues that have been detrimental to Louisiana farmers.

In the eleven years that Strain has been in office, the revenue from agriculture and forestry have doubled. When he took office it was 6.3 billion, it is now 12.7 billion. Strain said, ‘he believes he has the education, background and experience to the lead the state forward’.

Strain has four formidable candidates vying for his job, the election will be held on October 12th. Two of Strain’s challengers squared off with Strain at the Baton Rouge Press Club on Monday.

Two Experienced Louisiana Farmers Are Two Of The Candidates Strain Will Have To Beat In October

Democratic candidate Marguerite Green is a vegetable and flower farmer from New Orleans. Another Democratic candidate is a Tree Farmer Peter Williams from Lettsworth, Louisiana.

Green has several complaints against the incumbent candidate. Marguerite claims based on her interactions with farmers on the campaign trail, Mike has not addressed climate change at all.

Green said it’s a huge problem with Louisiana farmers, and farmers all over the county. The climate change issues have completely changed the farming industry and presents harsh challenges. Green said Strain has not helped farmers produce more products for the local market. Marguerite said that is what she would focus on, the production of products to feed the people of Louisiana.

She believes that the concentration has been on exported products. Green said, ‚ÄúSometimes the world changes really quickly around us. As a practicing farmer, I know staying up to date with best practices isn’t always intuitive, unfortunately”.

Peter Williams Believes Mike Has Not Given The Right Amount Of Support To Louisiana Farmers

Williams was very critical of Strain, in that he thinks Strain just has not reached out to farmers with resources. He goes on to say all the tariffs has been a huge blow to farmers, and Mike has ‘done nothing in response’.

Williams believes it’s going to take someone extremely creative and proactive, to get farmers on track again. He has called the tariffs ‘a man made disaster’, this in addition to the natural disaster is almost a no win situation.

Williams says it has to be about the needs of the farmers of Louisiana, not about what party someone belongs to. Mike has been very supportive of President Donald Trump and the tariffs against China. He said the way the policies were, it hurt the United States. He explained ‘for change to come, there is going to be some growing pains’. Mike also pointed out that, while the tariffs are being negotiated, the federal government has stepped in with emergency funds for farmers.


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